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Colloidal Nanosilver Eliminating Biowarfare Agents

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Colloidal Nanosilver Eliminating Biowarfare Agents

Biological warfare (BW), also known as germ warfare,
is the use of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, other
disease-causing biological agents, or the toxins produced
by them as biological weapons (or bioweapons).

There is a clear overlap between biological warfare and
chemical warfare, as the use of toxins produced by living
organisms is considered under the provisions of both the
Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention and the
Chemical Weapons Convention. Toxins, which are of
organic origin, are often called "midspectrum agents".
A biological weapon may be intended to kill,
incapacitate, or seriously impair a person, group of
people, or even an entire population. It may also be
defined as the material or defense against such

Biological warfare is a military technique that can be
used by nation-states or non-national groups. In the latter
case, or if a nation-state uses it clandestinely, it may also
be considered bioterrorism.

Anti-personnel BW

Ideal characteristics of biological weapons targeting humans are high infectivity, high potency, non-availability of vaccines, and delivery as an aerosol.

Diseases most likely to be considered for use as biological weapons are contenders because of their lethality (if delivered efficiently), and robustness (making aerosol delivery feasible).

The biological agents used in biological weapons can often be manufactured quickly and easily. The primary difficulty is not the production of the biological agent but delivery in an effective form to a vulnerable target.
For example, anthrax is considered an effective agent for several reasons. First, it forms hardy spores, perfect for dispersal aerosols. Second, pneumonic (lung) infections of anthrax usually do not cause secondary infections in other people. Thus, the effect of the agent is usually confined to the target. A pneumonic anthrax infection starts with ordinary "cold" symptoms and quickly becomes lethal, with a fatality rate that is 90% or higher. Finally, friendly personnel can be protected with suitable antibiotics.

A mass attack using anthrax would require the creation of aerosol particles of 1.5 to 5 micrometres. Too large and the aerosol would be filtered out by the respiratory system. Too small and the aerosol would be inhaled and exhaled. Also, at this size, nonconductive powders tend to clump and cling because of electrostatic charges. This hinders dispersion. So the material must be treated to insulate and discharge the charges. The aerosol must be delivered so that rain and sun does not rot it, and yet the human lung can be infected. There are other technological difficulties as well.

Diseases considered for weaponization, or known to be weaponized include anthrax , ebola, Marburg virus, plague , cholera , tularemia, brucellosis, Q fever, Bolivian hemorrhagic fever, Coccidioides mycosis , Glanders, Melioidosis, Shigella, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, typhus , Psittacosis, yellow fever , Japanese B encephalitis , Rift Valley fever, and smallpox. Naturally-occurring toxins that can be used as weapons include ricin, SEB, botulism toxin, saxitoxin, and many mycotoxins. The organisms causing these diseases are known as select agents. In the United States, their possession, use, and transfer are regulated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Select Agent Program.

The Biological Weapons Convention

In 1972, the U.S. signed the Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention, which banned the "development, production and stockpiling of microbes or their poisonous products except in amounts necessary for protective and peaceful research." By 1996, 137 countries had signed the treaty; however it is believed that since the signing of the Convention the number of countries capable of producing such weapons has increased.

The Soviet Union continued research and production of offensive biological weapons in a program called biopreparat, despite having signed the convention. The United States was unaware of the program until Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik defected in 1989, and Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov, the first deputy director of Biopreparat defected in 1992.

After the 1991 Persian Gulf War, Iraq admitted to the United Nations inspection team to having produced 19,000 L of concentrated botulinum toxin, of which approximately 10,000 L were loaded into military weapons; the 19,000 L have never been fully accounted for. This is approximately 3 times the amount needed to kill the entire current human population by inhalation, although in practice it would be impossible to distribute it so efficiently, and, unless it is protected from oxygen, it deteriorates in storage.

On September 18, 2001 and for a few days after several letters were received by members of the U.S. Congress and media outlets containing anthrax spores: the attack killed five people. The identity of the perpetrator remained unknown until 2008, when a primary suspect was named. See 2001 anthrax attacks.


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I won't have to tell you that this "Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention" is a hoax. Since then more potent bio-weapons than ever before have been developed. What makes you think is this: There are many patents on the use of nanosilver in biowar-environments available, and this means of course that the "government" is well aware of its potential. Why then, considering all the threats during the Cold War and during the Anthrax attacks in 2001, have the American people not been given this information by their government? Why were the people not supplied with nanosilver, considering how cheap it is? Apparently someone out there simply wants people to be frightened. Frightened people are easy to manipulate. Problem, reaction, solution: Their "solution", not ours. Their solution is called "Patriot Act", our solution is called "nanosilver" and "peaceful cooperation".

By the way, many important patents have been classified. There is a lot of censorship going on at "" searching under "Anthrax and colloidal silver". It says "application", but you can't read the text. Apparently someone doesn't want us to know these things. Who could that be?

If you travel to a high-risk country such as India, you can also use this to protect yourself from malaria. Why are those poor people in those poor countries not told this? There seems to be going on a population-reduction agenda.

True colloidal silver is rather expensive for poor people, but ionic silver is very cheap. It's not as efficient and they run a small risk of getting argyria but that's still much better than dying from malaria.


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