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Collection of Brainwave Enhancing Meditation Soundscapes and Music by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

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Welcome to my personal collection of the works of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a legendary but not very well-known pioneer in meditation, brainwave technology, and meditation music.

There are some real world-class gems here that are easy to miss, mostly because Thompson has never really promoted his work. Please note that it usually takes between four weeks and six months to develop the neural networks in the brain that can process all of the sound frequency data properly!

PLEASE NOTE: For best results, always use some type of good quality headphones!

This collection includes his latest release, which is a two-part, one-hour reset of the Default Mode Network of the brain (entitled "Beyond"). It is an exceptional piece of acoustic, audio art.

This collection also includes ***two versions*** of his PSI (Psycho Integration) series. The one to really check out is the six-CD set.

This collection also includes ***all*** of the audio engineering work Thompson did for NASA (NASA Voyager Space Sounds and Symphonies of the Planets).

His "Ultimate Nap" CD is a great way to learn how to program the mind to drop into a deep sleep quickly.

Most experts state that if one becomes ill, it is not advisable to meditate. Generally speaking, this is mostly true, as the body up-regulates the central nervous system, and is not very cooperative. However, there are exceptions. If you can put your body into a deep recuperative trance state, it can be beneficial for all sorts of healing applications. Thompson's Delta Sleep System 1.0 and Delta Sleep System 2.0 is absolutely ideal to induce a "deeper than sleep" trance state. The trick, however, is to allow the body to drop into a deep trance sleep while keeping the mind awake and clear. The Delta systems are fantastic for this. The only problem is: Eventually, the brain becomes immune to the entrainment, so this method, sadly, can seldom be used every single day. The only thing comparable I've found is Ultra Depth Self Hypnosis (takes a month or two to really train).

Thompson's sound engineering methods are light-years ahead of any other company/artist that I'm aware of, including Holo sync, Hemi Sync, Iawake, etc. Noted, they all have some good stuff, but Thompson, even though much of his material is old, is in a class by himself.

I'm not normally a torrent creator/uploader, and I don't have a great upload connection, so please help me seed it. I apologize for the slow UL speed of my connection, but if this is your type of "thing", it's worth the wait! ;)

Also, Thompson's material is not expensive. If you love this collection as much as I do, drop by his online store and purchase a few CDs to help support his work!

Lastly, if you have something I don't, feel free to message, I'm not opposed to eventually making a 2.0 of this torrent.


Looks like brainwaves are popular here.

Agreed, brainwaves are popular here. Probably something to do with many of the members using their brains!

Thanks for taking the time to make this collection and the torrent, too! I have a big collection of Jeffrey Thompson, mostly from 10+ years ago off usenet. If I see anything I have that not here I'll get in touch.

I will seed this for a looong time, I have a solid seedbox.

Thanks Satortri, I appreciate the assist!

I was looking at one discography, and it looks like this collection is even more complete. The only thing I found that I don't have (aside from a few non-English CDs which I don't know anything about) is:

Thank you so much for this