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The Collapse of Venezuela - A Prepper Looks Back [pack]

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The Collapse of Venezuela - A Prepper Looks Back [pack] Venezuela |ˌvɛnɪˈzweɪlə| |Spanish beneˈswela| a republic on the north coast of South America, with a coastline on the Caribbean Sea; population 26,814,800 (est. 2009); official language, Spanish; capital, Caracas. Official name Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century, Venezuela won its independence in 1821 after a ten-year struggle, but did not finally emerge as a separate nation until its secession from federation with Colombia (1830). It is a major oil-exporting country, with the industry based on the area around Lake Maracaibo in the north-west. Venezuela is falling apart. We can and should learn a few lessons from the suffering in South America. This is big government at its terrible "finest." Take note! Creating a Venezuela Collapse Supply List New Preppers and old, this is a list of the things that are running out in the collapse of the economy in Venezuela. By watching what is running out there, we can prepare better here! It's a handy list of things to stock for a total economic collapse as well as many of the day to day emergencies you may face. Socialism Kills - Venezuela Is Hell Question: “Venezuela is hell; Death, hunger, sickness, and violence are galloping across the entire land. There are no prospects and no safety. Many are still hopeful for a change, but I don't see it happening any time soon because of the level of entrenchment of the regime against an ineffectual opposition. Additionally, most people don't even care to understand why we reached this sorry state. Do you really think the creative, intelligent Venezuelans should remain here to waste their lives?” The Collapse of Venezuela - Aftermath As the inevitable collapse of socialism hits Venezuela, all the sweet talking political pundits who praised Hugo Chávez and the rise of totalitarianism are suddenly silent. Stefan Molyneux provides a glimpse into the daily hell of the Venezuelan people and a reminder as to why socialism is always a horror show. The Fall of Venezuela - Prepare Yourself Accordingly Under the crippling weight of massive currency inflation, food shortages, power outages, increasing disease prevalence, a fall in oil prices, drought and political mismanagement – Venezuela has essentially become a failed state. What did the late President Hugo Chávez and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela do to lead the country down this path? What has new President Nicolás Maduro done as he’s ruled the country by decree? Why aren't you hearing more about the origin of these economic problems and what does this mean for neighboring countries? There Will Be No Economic Recovery. Prepare Yourself Accordingly. Venezuela Debt Crisis - Socialism Realized In early November, the totalitarian regime of Nicolás Maduro issued a “decree” demanding “the refinancing and restructuring of the debt.” For those unaware as to the terms of economic obfuscation, that signalled a complete economic default which was unsurprising for anybody truly paying attention. Venezuelan Refugee Crisis - Joseph M Humire and Stefan Molyneux While many Americans are concerned about the influx of refugees and third world immigration, few understand the significant dangers that exist related to the Venezuelan refugee crisis. Joseph M. Humire joins Stefan Molyneux to explain the striking similarities between Syria and Venezuela, Iran’s Strategic Penetration of Latin America, the rising presence of Hezbollah, the surprising Islam/Socialism alliance and much much more! Joseph M. Humire is the executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society, a recognized expert on matters of national security and counter-terrorism – and editor/contributor of the book "Iran’s Strategic Penetration of Latin America.” Maracaibo - The Story of Venezuela's Collapse, Documentary Maracaibo is the second-largest city in Venezuela. Its residents face soaring inflation, widespread poverty and shortages. Under Hugo Chavez, Venezuela based its economy on oil exports. But the fall in oil prices led to a crippling economic crisis. Most people can no longer afford to buy food and the fishermen of Lake Maracaibo resort to smuggling to sell their meagre catch in neighbouring Colombia. Our reporters Matthieu Delmas and Chris Huby went to meet Maracaibo’s struggling residents. Venezuela has some of the largest oil reserves in the world. But over the past three years, the country has suffered the worst economic crisis in South American history. After 19 years of rule by first Hugo Chavez and then his successor, Nicolas Maduro, the country is on its knees. Chavez financed his generous social programmes thanks to the windfall from millions of petrodollars. With oil prices constantly rising, the economic cycle remained positive until his death in 2013. Economy in free-fall: The passing of the left-wing leader, followed by the slump in oil prices, marked the end of the Chavez-led economic boom. Today, importers can no longer afford to pay for their orders in dollars, imported food has become an unaffordable luxury, while the IMF forecasts an inflation rate of 13,800% for this year. Only petrol remains affordable. For the price of a pack of flour, drivers can fill up their tank nearly 15,000 times. Today, Venezuela is on the brink of economic collapse. Only a few upscale residential towers, with barbed wire over the walls, hint at its past glory. Faced with runaway inflation, shortages, hunger and insecurity, two million Venezuelans have already left the country, hoping to build a better future elsewhere. audio other The Silver Surfer on Venezuela.m4a Venezuelan Collapse - Lessons for America - Michael Snyder.m4a Prepping 20 Survival Lessons from the Greek & Argentinian Crisis.m4a A Venezuelan Preppers Story.m4a Lessons from Venezuela Collapse Prepping.m4a Prepper Lessons from the Crisis in Venezuela.m4a Stefan Molyneux Socialism Kills - Venezuela Is Hell.m4a Stefan Molyneux - The Truth About Venezuela.m4a The Collapse of Venezuela - Aftermath.m4a The Death of Venezuela - Prepare Yourself Accordingly.m4a The Fall of Venezuela - Prepare Yourself Accordingly.m4a Venezuela Debt Crisis - Socialism Realized.m4a Venezuelan Refugee Crisis - Joseph M Humire and Stefan Molyneux.m4a ebooks Album 1 Venezuela, 1954 by Wetmore, Alexander, 1886-1978.pdf Album 2 Venezuela, 1954 by Wetmore, Alexander, 1886-1978.pdf Area - Handbook Venezuela.pdf Venezuela - A Country Study.pdf Venezuela, an Economic Report, Georgetown University.pdf pics videos Docos Inside Venezuela's Markets - Propaganda vs Reality.mp4 Life on the line Inside Venezuela's crisis - Talk to Al Jazeera.mp4 Maracaibo - The Story of Venezuela's Collapse, Documentary.mp4 Our World Going Hungry in Venezuela, BBC.mp4 Surviving Venezuela Smuggling Dreams.mp4 The Battle for Venezuela The Big Picture La batalla por Venezuela.mp4 other The Venezuelan Crisis at a Turning Point - Future Prospects.mp4 Prepping Creating a Venezuela Collapse Supply List.mp4 Important Survival Lessons from the Venezuela Collapse.mp4 Items for Bartering in Disaster or SHTF.mp4 Top 15 Forever Foods for Survival.mp4 tags: Venezuela, crisis, food, prepping, prepper, survival, socialism, Marxism, free market
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I shouldn't expect any different from cultish arrogant creeps like Stefan Molyneux, but he's not the only one blaming the collapse of Venezuela on a word they don't understand: socialism.

The US has been interfering in the economy and government of Venezuela for over a hundred years. Currently the sanctions imposed on it through the IMF and World Bank would (and have) crippled the economies of many countries, even rich ones like Venezuela.

If you buy the CIA promoted lie that the horrors in Venezuela are the fault of political ideology, you are the deep state's bitch so you need to wake the fuck up, realize the left/right paradigm is designed to trap and control lazy, feckless losers (like you?), never forget that the US government and media lie and spin 100% of the time, and start thinking for yourself!

The cause of the breakdown of Venezuela do not make the situation any less dire, however. If you can strip away the BS from the videos in this torrent, there might be some worthwhile material. As always, common sense can go along way once emotion is stripped out.

I live in Brazil and we are part of that context of USA imperialism and interventionism... As Chile, Argentina and, truthfully, all Latin and Central America.

But there is mycelium here, if you get the metaphor... Our ideal socialism is an anarchic in nature.