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Colin Wilson - The Occult [audiobook ebooks pack]

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Colin Wilson - The Occult [audiobook ebooks pack]

Colin Wilson’s classic work is an essential guide to the mind-expanding experiences and discoveries of the occult in the 20th century. He produces a wonderfully skillful synthesis of the available material—one that sees the occult in the light of reason and reason in the light of the mystical and paranormal. The result is a wide-ranging survey of the subject that provides a comprehensive history of magic, an insightful exploration of our latent powers, and a journey of enlightenment.

"I am very impressed by this book, not only by its erudition but above all for the good-natured, unaffected charm of the author whose reasoning is never too far-fetched, who is never carried away by preposterous theories."

PART ONE - A Survey of the Subject

1. Magic – The Science of the Future
2. The Dark Side of the Moon
3. The Poet as Occultist

PART TWO - A History of Magic

1. The Evolution of Man
2. The Magic of Primitive Man
3. Adepts and Initiates
4. The World of the Kabbalists
5. Adepts and Impostors
6. The Nineteenth Century – Magic and Romanticism
7. The Beast Himself
8. Two Russian Mages

PART THREE - Man's Latent Powers

1. Witchcraft and Lycanthropy
2. The Realm of Spirits
3. Glimpses


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