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Cognitive Penetration & Cybernetic Assimilation [pack]

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Cognitive Penetration & Cybernetic Assimilation [pack] AI Apocalypse: Threats to Enslave Planet with Weaponized AI WARNING - SONIC BIOHAZARD WARNING: This torrent will trigger victims of MKULTRA MONARCH mind control Descriptions on music albums: "Electronic music is a force in constant mutation. This album will vary widely in structure, form, and content, yet all come back to the same place. “Evolve” offers a starting point to submerge into four chapters of music, traveling over four stages about human (assisted) evolution. Brain-based mechanisms involved in the cognitive processes underlying music. Geometries of space-time or specific types of motion in space might allow time travel into the past and future. Closed time-like curves, which are world lines that form closed loops in space-time, allowing objects to return to their own past." "IAR presents the new project, which combines elements of psychedelic vibes and techno. The name of the project is - Infralogica. Logica - is a science dedicated to proper intellection. Infra - usually means the frequency band beneath our perception, and in this project that is the low speed, which lies behind usual border of techno and trance styles characteristic. The slower anything penetrates into your mind, the stronger is its' modulation of the flows of your thoughts and senses. The fact that we don't perceive infra-impact with our usual organs doesn't mean that it has no hidden effect on our mind and consciousness. Here we come to another meaning of the word INFRALOGICA - that is the thinking at different level, in other words - subconsciousness. The name of the EP "Not Defined" is saying that it is still not reliably defined what and how influences our thinking, especially in the subconscious mind." "It's 2085. Androids are commonplace. Mostly they're built for slave labor or to serve humans in their daily lives. Others however, are designed for killing. Built for war. The technologically most advanced, military androids are known as C.A.R.L.i: Cognitive Artificial Reactive Life-form Imitation. After almost a decade of manufacturing merciless killing machines disguised as beautiful women, TYGER CORP. starts a series of tests to develop a civil C.A.R.L.i model. As these civil models are meant to be the first generation of machines with a basic set of human-like emotional responses, the corporation contracts an ex-mercenary to take part in the field test of an early version and monitor it's behaviour. Originally this test was designed to learn how the machine reacts to everyday situations and fits in amongst humans and her more basic predecessors. As this unit was a prototype, it's original programming was suppressed for testing purpose, but not entirely removed. The machine should not have been able to learn, neither have access to a an emotional spectrum way bigger than it's creators ever intended. They thought machines can't feel. But they were wrong..." "One: Transmigration: done. Your call could not be completed. We will attempt reconnection. Transmutation of genetic code will soon be online again. Our agents are working to fulfil your orders. You may continue transmitting, though be warned: your signal may be transformed beyond recognition. You may experience dizziness and disorientation as you acclimate to the new medium. Armchair Migraine Journey can not be held responsible for lost luggage, missed connections or broken synapses. Hurry up now! The signal flows at a breakneck pace. Chop chop! Splice Splice! Don't be afraid of the space between the genomes. The eyes in the back of our heads will illuminate the passage. Nuclei erupted and chromosomes corrupted, it's a buzz-sawed jigsaw of something nature never intended! It isn't pretty, but a re-scripted biological imperative screams: Get the message across before it's too late! Stop wallowing in primordial soup! Transmit! Mutation! Drone! Transmit. Mutation. Drone. Two: The new limbs have been difficult to integrate and the birth canal has proven far too delicate for this new form. Additionally, the maternal host has displayed an unexpected reaction to sudden interference in telepathic signals. We must insure survival. Transmission must be completed, despite increased risk to the carrier. Initiate somatic response. Anaesthetise the host and commence processing the signal. Engage dream sequence 11-B. Ensure the host's comfort. Complete phase cancellation will remove outward stimuli. Soothing images may distract the patient from any aural discomfort. Neurosurgical team on standby. The engineers have been briefed. Wait... wait... We have contact! The signal has awakened! Hurry! Complete the circuit! Transmit! Mutation! Drone!" "“Artificial Thoughts” is the first Zzy‘s album. The story of this album is about two different realities: the humanity and the machine revolution. In other words, this work criticizes “the modern society” and their addictions. Do humans control the machine or does the machine control humans? The technological revolution an its progress seems to us unbreakable and doesn’t show signs of ending. Will we all be dominated by the machine? Is this our end? “Artificial Thoughts” is struggling with those questions that have no concrete answer. However, the future looks dangerous and THE HUMANITY has to make decisions to survive in this game, against the endless evolution of the machine." Please note: I keep repeating myself with this topic, as you may have noticed, but with each new torrent I will add a few pieces to the transhuman puzzle. And for newbies it's always helpful to start from scratch. This one is a massive update. Hierarchies are all about power, and power is about 'power over minds', in other words 'mind control'. Therefore to understand how this mind control is actually being done in real life is the most important topic ever. This is about mental alchemy. Magic isn't just about remote viewing and moving objects with your mind, it's about mental transformation, either transforming your own mind, or transforming other people's minds, even against their own will, even without them being aware of it. Currently the minds of all of humanity are being transformed in a massive way, while most of us are pitifully unaware of what's happening to them. After all, why should they tell their slaves? Does the farmer tell his cattle? This is about human farming. What do you think the gender agenda is all about? It's about mental alchemy, it's about bringing forth a new type of transhuman androgynous being. This process is then being disguised by the elites as 'rights for minorities' and 'political correctness' in order to vilify anyone standing in their way. Eventually it's about abolishing gender. Bio-robots and human androids aren't meant to have any gender, and future GMO-babies will be created in factories by artificial wombs. The elites have converted the entire planet into a huge mind control lab, and your perception of being safe because, after all, this planet is so big and you're so small, is an illusion, because from their point of view, this planet is very small indeed. And from the point of view of alien beings, the entire cosmos is very small too. Today the art of music is largely misunderstood as a form of entertainment, but many secret mystery schools have kept the secret alive, they know that music and sounds are all about mental and spiritual transformation, even music that hasn't been 'enhanced' by mkultra technology. Any form of music is kundalini activating to a certain degree, but when you know what you're doing, then this kundalini activating effect can be amplified tremendously, and there's tremendous potential for abuse. For modern man it is hard to understand that music can have such a potential for transformation, even physical transformation. This can only be grasped, once you understand that the entire universe is mental, and that the physical body is merely a lower dimensional manifestation of higher dimensional, or rather higher vibrational mental activity, both cosmic and personal mental activity. People with a strong kundalini energy are much less likely to fall ill. It's their energetic immune system. There's nothing wrong with kundalini, the serpent or dragon power, it's just energy, the natural energy of your soul, and you couldn't even be alive without it. Kundalini is the power of imagination, and even feelings and emotions are imagined into existence by you. But when you combine that powerful energy with mkultra technology, then nothing good will come out of it. It's the old game of mental manipulation, but this time it's psycho-energetically amplified by occult knowledge. The red eye of the global matrix wants a global reset of the mental patterns of its human drones. Today this process is called 'transhumanism'. The matrix knows how to sell its agenda, and make it look attractive and cool to the human slaves, yet another form of mind control. This torrent will take you deep down the legendary rabbit hole. If you still believe that the mainstream media and mainstream science are telling you the truth, then this collection isn't for you. Move on and take your daily dose of Soma, slave. On the other hand, if you feel like Neo in the Matrix Trilogy or like Alice in Wonderland, then go on and learn, future god. WARNING - SONIC BIOHAZARD Files: audio Artificial Intelligence [controlling occult networks] Alfred Lambremont Webre Hidden Occult Networks [creating mkultra albums] Jay Parker, ex-Illuminati Kundalini Activator [foundation of mkultra] Master_Mix.mp3 Kundalini Chakra Affirmations by George Hutton [subliminals script].pdf Mind Control Technology Nick Begich - DARPA Is Testing New Mind Control Technology On Unwitting Civilian Victims.m4a MKULTRA Music Albums [latest technology release] Artificial Thoughts Audraulic - Synthetic Cognition Augmentation Autogenesis Singularity Recursion Bio-Machine Brainwash Chronoglide Cyberpunk 2.0 Layer 03 - Trinity Cyborg Proper DreamHacker Ear Candy ego hacker EP - FIRESIDE TALES Global Control Harm's Way - Posthuman HUMAN Infiltration (Hacklog Original Soundtrack Vol 1) Interpolation Tapes [Restoration One] MK Ultra MK Ultra III MKUltra [cz015] Neural Code Neural Interferences Neural Paradox Neuromecanismo Positronic Neural Pathways Posthuman Prototype Psygnosis III Reprogrammed 2.0 SINGULARITY Slow Frequency Emitter Synthetic Emotions Terrestrial Mutations The Winter Ward ULTRADREAM VA - Perfect Lifeform biohazard.jpg ebooks Chakras and Kundalini Cybernetics Organic Portals pics Album Covers [mkultra symbology] Cybernetics Transhumanism Tree of Life text Analysing Covers, Song Titles and Descriptions [annotations red rectangles] Sonic Brain Hacking & Transhuman Assimilation (2018) videos Singularity The Brain Hack Humanoid - HD [hinting at incremental alter creation].mp4 Humans Series 2 - Persona Synthetics Product Recall [hinting at mkultra].mp4 Soulless Beings of the Matrix - AI Consciousness - Organic Portals.mp4 The Outer Limits - 1963 Seasons - Intro.mp4 Who Programmed You HD.mp4 assimilation.jpg Torrent_downloaded_from_Demonoid_-_www.demonoid.pw_.txt assimilation.nfo tags: mind control, mkultra, subliminals, music, cybernetics, posthuman, transhuman, AI, assimilation
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