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Coffinman's complete research files part 2

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35.79 GiB000
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100GB of what I consider to be the best

conspiracy information I have come across.
Far too much to list, but the files are

organised in a logical directory structure

making it easy to select and download only the

files you want.
There is a "good stuff" directory that contains

some great Jazz video and other stuff, but the

bulk of the material is conspiracy related.
The directories within "The deprogramming

complex" (otherwise called "The rabbit-hole")


Part 2 torrent

Fraudulent moonlandings
Free energy
Galactic alignment
Global warming
Harry Potter and the occult
Human origins and history
Illuminati card game
International coercion
Israeli terrorism
John Pilger

Some of the content can be seen at
Anyone downloading the whole lot will have

months of "fun".
Whatever anybody can keep and seed will be