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Code 2600 (2011)

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Code 2600 is a documentary feature exploring the coming of the Information Age and the evolution of a new digital species of mankind. It is an exploration of the struggle to adapt to the often dangerous and delicate vast cyber networks that have defined our identities and way of life.

The story of the rise of communication and computer technology in the United States as told through the events and people who helped to build and manipulate it. “Code 2600″ is an exploration of the struggle to protect the complex information networks that have shaped our way of life from those who could potentially send the card house crashing down. It is a criminal and philosophical journey through the human integration of the world with our World, the Internet.

As we struggle to comprehend the wide-spanning socio-technical fallout caused by data collection and social networks, our modern culture is trapped in an undercurrent of cyber-attacks, identity theft and privacy invasion. Both enlightening and disturbing, CODE 2600 is a provocative wake-up call for a society caught in the grips of a global technology takeover.

Producer and Director: Jeremy Zerechak

Release: Winter 2011

Runtime: 1:22:26
Format: mp4


Not sure where I got this, maybe from ConCen, maybe not. But here it is.

There is a (rather large) "" watermark that appears in the upper left corner from time to time. Just so you know.
The actual runtime is slightly shorter than your player will likely indicate - not my rip so I can't explain or change these two things.


a society caught in the grips of a global technology takeover.

How true. The sight of people absorbed in their smartphones is pervasive and nauseating. You can no longer catch a person's eye or exchange a smile because their gaze is down at the game of Candy Crush they are playing on their phones.

I'm hoping people eventually shake off this grip that technology has on them. The landfills are filling up with quickly-obsoleted technology and people are growing more distant and isolated. The evolution and gathering of the brotherhood of man is being diverted by expensive little toys for grown-ups.

Smash your phone and rediscover life!