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Coast to Coast - October 11 2014 - Angel Therapy

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Coast to Coast - October 11 2014 - Angel Therapy

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Angel Therapy

Date: 10-11-14
Host: Lisa Garr
Guests: Doreen Virtue, Michael Lewis

Metaphysician and spiritual psychologist Doreen Virtue joined host Lisa Garr
(email) to talk about Angel Therapy, a non-denominational spiritual healing
method that involves working with a person's guardian angels and archangels to
heal and harmonize every aspect of life. The blue wavelength is associated with
many of our deities, such as Krishna and Mother Mary, Virtue said, as well as
Archangel Michael, and she believes this wavelength originates in another
dimension and is associated with the star Sirius. We are "downwind" of the
energy of Sirius (which is actually closer than our sun), and that energy can be
uplifting and protective, she commented.

There are what she calls "angels of abundance" who can help people move forward
on their dreams, and then, the money will follow later. Archangel Michael can
help anyone who calls on him, no matter what religion, Virtue shared. If, for
instance, you're unhappy with your job or finances, "think or say out
loud...Archangel Michael, please guide me on my divine career path (soul or life
purpose)...and once you're in that career, all the doors open up, and abundance
flows effortlessly," she said, adding that Michael often provides guidance for
people in their dream state.

Other archangels she spoke of included Raphael, who is known for healing (a
dancer who could no longer walk called on him and her leg was healed), Gabriel,
associated with communications and messages, Azrael, who helps those who are
grieving or suffering a loss, and Jophiel, who can bring on positive thoughts.
Regarding guardian angels, said to be with us all the time, Virtue offers a free
video on how to meet or come into contact with them.
UK Ghost Investigations

First hour guest, paranormal researcher and accredited investigator for the
Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP), Michael
Lewis, spoke about his 40 years of investigating hauntings of many kinds. Signs
of activity which have been captured on film include a blue haze, or wispy
smoke-like effects, and in the digital era-- orbs, he detailed. Lewis described
an incident that occurred at a closed pub in Leicester, England in which he saw
a man walking into a game room, and when he followed him there, he'd vanished,
though there was no way out. Interestingly, spirits can be attracted to other
spirits, and congregate in specific places together, Lewis noted.


Mary, Queen of Angels
Angels of Abundance

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