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Coast to Coast AM - 12-31-09 - Annual Predictions Show, Part II

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Annual Predictions Show, Part II

Date: 12-31-09
Host: Art Bell

Art Bell hosted Part II of his Annual Predictions Show, asking callers to tap into their "psychic center" and share one event they see coming in 2010. Here are some of the predictions Coast listeners made for the new year:

* Discovery of life outside planet Earth announced.

* Dan from Tampa suggested that a tsunami off the California coast will reveal a new underwater species.

* A major celebrity admits to being abducted by aliens predicted Dusty in Virginia.

* JJ from Minnesota foresees the US adding a 51st state, probably Puerto Rico.

* Fish will disappear and many seafood restaurants will close by summer, said Jennifer from Albuquerque.

* It will be realized that in addition to humans, animals contribute to Random Energy Generators (REGs).

* An 8+ earthquake will hit the Mendocino area of Northern California.

* A caller from Mesa, AZ foresees a breakdown of the World Wide Web.

* Janis from upstate NY predicts big medical breakthroughs for MS and vision problems such as glaucoma or Macular Degeneration.

* Plans for a multinational venture to Mars will be announced, said Mike in Las Vegas.

* Carl from Milwaukee envisions wars over fresh water.

* A celebrity will be exposed as a cannibal, declared Karl from Indianapolis.

* Blair from Sedona suggested that gas from the ocean will replenish ozone in the atmosphere.

* There will be an unprecedented rise in religious fervor, including a worldwide circle of hand holding, said Chris from Macon.

* A coup d'etat will occur in Mexico, and the US will be drawn in.

* A nuclear device will be found in a container at a coastal port before it goes off.

* Google will be involved in a scandal, said Daniel.

* John predicted that a newly discovered comet will be visible to the naked eye.

* Notorious caller JC will find inner peace and hope for humanity, said a female listener.

Art also reviewed callers' predictions made for 2009. Here are some of the hits and misses:

Dings (Hits)

* Inflation worsens.
* A meteor hits a small area.
* New green gadgets.
* Evidence of microbes on Mars.

Bonks (Misses)

* New member of the Bell family.
* Earthquake at Yellowstone.
* Dome of the Rock destroyed.
* Ark of the Covenant found.
* Junk DNA revealed not to be junk.
* Rogue wave hits cruise ship.
* Young people start secret society.
* Disaster brings fascist government in US.

For more, see Part I of the Predictions Show.