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Coast to Coast AM - 12-19-09 - The Sisterhood of the Rose

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The Sisterhood of the Rose

Date: 12-19-09
Host: Ian Punnett
Guests: Jim Marrs, Richard Sauder

Investigative journalist and author Jim Marrs discussed his foray into fiction with his new book The Sisterhood of the Rose, which deals with a secret organization fighting the Nazis during World War II. He detailed how the concept for the book came from a real woman named Celeste Levesque, who had a near death experience and, following that, began remembering "this life in the underground in Europe." Explaining that such information is virtually impossible to confirm but that the story was too fantastic to ignore, Marrs decided to blend it in with his previous research on the Nazis in the form of his first novel. "I call it 'faction,'" he quipped, "fact based fiction."

As an example of this weaving of story and history found in the book, Marrs shared one such anecdote from Sisterhood. During World War II, high ranking Nazi Rudolph Hess fled Germany and went to England because he had been told to do so by an astrologer. However, this was all done at the behest of British intelligence. This, he said, is part of the historical record. However, since no information exists on just who that astrologer was, Marrs chuckled, "I simply made that Giselle, my heroine." He even penned a meeting, in the book, between Giselle and one of the British officers who orchestrated the plot: Ian Fleming. During the fictional meeting, the famous author of the James Bond series orders "a martini - shaken, not stirred."

Throughout the evening, Marrs also discussed a number of other areas related to the world of conspiracy theory research. As the most surprising thing he's come across in his investigations of that genre, he cited what he believes was the motivation for the seemingly inexplicable German invasion of Russia during World War II. According to Marrs, Operation Barbarosa, as it was called, may have been a pre-emptive strike by the Nazis against the Soviets, whom they believed were amassing along the Russian border waiting to invade Europe. Marrs also reacted to Russ Baker's 12/06/09 appearance on C2C, which covered George Bush Sr. and the Kennedy assassination.

The final hour of the program was devoted to Open Lines.

Underwater City?

During the first half hour, author Richard Sauder talked about the report of a newly discovered underwater city in the Caribbean. He expressed skepticism about the veracity of the photo, saying that his first impression was that it was either a hoax or the digital nature is merely corrupted by pixilization. Casting further doubt on the image, he said, is that neither the source of the ohoto nor the means by which it was taken have yet to surface. Should the photo be legitimate, Sauder theorized that it could be a number of possibilities including a city that had sunk into the sea a long time ago or a military / commercial operation used in modern times.

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