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Coast to Coast - 2021-12-22 - Jeffrey Mishlove - Afterlife Evidence

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Wednesday - December 22 2021

George Noory

Jeffrey Mishlove

With a Ph.D. in parapsychology from UC-Berkeley, Jeffrey Mishlove brings the discipline of science to the study of parapsychology and metaphysics. In the first half, he discussed his first-place winning essay "Beyond the Brain" (*Torrent includes PDF of this essay) for the Bigelow Institute for Conscious Studies contest for best evidence for the afterlife. His essay began with his own personal encounter with a sense of life after death when he was 25. He had an intense dream visitation from his Great Uncle Harry that touched his soul, and then found out that Harry had died at the same time he was having this dream. Reincarnation research also points to the existence of an afterlife, he cited. The University of Virginia has studied numerous cases of young children who have specific recall of previous lives, and a large number of them have been successfully traced back. This means that "the information provided by the child actually led to the identification of the previous personality," he marveled.

Mishlove recounted the case of psychiatrist and psychical researcher Elisabeth Targ, who died at the age of 41 in 2002. "After she died, there were many, many communications" from her to a variety of people including her father, noted remote viewer Russell Targ, he said. Mishlove had a vivid dream involving Elisabeth, in which he told her, "I am so impressed with all the communications I've been hearing about, especially the physical ones." At that moment (3 AM), he was awakened by his bedroom phone ringing, "and I picked it up, and it was just white noise." In regards to the idea that seeing a bright light or tunnel during a near-death experience is related to an oxygen-deprived or dying brain, he noted that NDErs often describe more than just light. He pointed out that they report a powerful sense of being encompassed by total love, which seems to go beyond just neurological symptoms.