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Climategate: Science of a Scandal (2019)

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From the BBC web site:

Documentary that reveals the truth behind a notorious incident in 2009, when a growing international consensus on climate change was derailed by one of the biggest scandals in modern science.

For the first time, all the key players recount the events and what really happened during 'Climategate'. Thousands of emails hacked from the world-renowned Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia seemed to suggest that climate scientists had been deliberately manipulating data to exaggerate evidence of climate change, a conspiracy that was the holy grail of climate change deniers.

The battle between the scientists and their critics over climate science and data transparency resulted in a media storm, public misinformation, a criminal investigation, multiple inquiries and death threats. The email controversy has continued to be cited by climate change sceptics - among them President Donald Trump. This documentary provides an insight into the battle over fact and scientific enquiry, and the realities of climate change.


Thanks for sharing this.

Who would've thought? BBC whitewashing fraudsters! Or How To Spin Damning Evidence Of Fraud?
No wonder the BBC does that: London has been at the core of the global warming myth.

How many of you know that the IPCC was created by... Margaret Thatcher? Yes, the woman who put thousands of coal workers out of their jobs, created an 'expert' commission to demonize coal, and other industries - precisely when were going to be shipped overseas.

Green propaganda is the public, progressive front of globalization. It attacks industries at home but does nothing against them in China, which is now the largest CO2 emitter at 27% (UK is at 1%, the EU at just 11%). Why is no-one calling out the treaties that give Asia a blank check? Because "going green" has always been about what the useful idiots call "greenwashing": well-financed companies shipping off plants--jobs, that is-- with a manufactured panic.

That's why the Bank of England's Governor, Mark Carney, is very busy organizing a way, with other Central Bank governors, to deplete the pool of money available to our national industries. That's the purpose of his "Network for Greening the Financial System". Of course, this money will still be available to the multinational companies producing in Asia.
That's why Metropolitan cities, now just mere financial hubs organizing the offshore production, are the home of green activism and declare "climate emergencies". It is an emergency because the world economy is at a crossroads: either we bring the production back and start being countries again, or we dissolve our body politic totally.

For starters, in science there is no such thing as an "expert" replacing the evidence. Arguments of authority are invalid, yet that's what the climate propaganda always comes down to: IPCC, 'consensus' (see the 'notrickszone' website to know more) and a lot of artificial grandstanding and defamation. The 'experts' are going to say whatever they're paid to say. Just like in economics, "there is no alternative". If you do not believe in the climate myth, you're not a climate 'scientist'. Dogmatic thinking passing off as science.

The man pictured is Richard Mann. He's the one behind a graph called the "hockey stick", which flattened Modern Era temperatures until the 20th century and ends with a spike, to make the impression that the Earth has entered a warming spiral. Of course this has nothing to do with actual data recovered from ice samples, and other testimonies of nature. There was a medieval warm period, a little ice age, and then small cycles over a mild average.

When pressed by a judge to explain the math behind his graph, he REFUSED to give evidence and lost his lawsuit. But that you won't hear about in this spin documentary. If Richard Mann is a fraudster, the trillon-dollar House of cards is doomed to fall.

Monolith wrote:

The man pictured is Richard Michael Mann.


Corbett Report has some good videos on this.

Honestly this documentary shifted my perspective, I like and trust George Monbiot.

It leaves a lot of unanswered questions though.