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Citizen Kane commentary by Roger Ebert

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Who here has been told again and again that Citizen Kane is one of the best films ever made? And who of those people can say why? Well, now you can thanks to this DVD commentary by Roger Ebert (choose audio track 3; the 2nd one is a commentary by film historian Rudy Behlmer). It took me a while to find this but this is one of the most helpful and educational film commentaries you could watch.

To be clear, the commentary is non-fiction since it explains *why* this film is important. That's why i am sharing it.

But if everything must be political then try this on for size: rosebud is the secret that explains everything and nothing. What does that remind you of?

And as for Kane himself, he is a media magnate (wealthy newspaper publisher before the modern era) who ultimately alienates himself from everyone who cares about him, and loses his newspaper, his fortune, and his friends. What does that remind you of?