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Circumventing YouTube Premium on desktop

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Circumventing YouTube Premium on desktop

When YouTube prevents you from watching videos and try to suck you in a paid premium subscription, this work-around with the uBlock Origin add-on works perfectly. Just follow these 4 steps:

1. Update uBlock Origin (uBO) to the latest version ( 1.52.0+ ) . <== The extension itself, for technical improvements.
You do this in your browser

2. Remove your custom config / reset to defaults. <== This means removing your custom filters (or
disabling My filters ) and disabling ALL additional lists you've enabled. It might be quicker to make a
backup of your config and restore to defaults instead.

3. Force an update of your Filter Lists. <== This is within the extension. Lists are what determine what's
blocked or not.
How to update Filter lists: Click the uBO's icon > the Dashboard button > the Filter lists pane > the
Purge all caches button > the Update now button.

4. Disable all other extensions AND your browser's built-in blockers. <== No need to uninstall, just
disable them. They might interfere with our solutions.

Make sure you follow all 4 points above. If you're seeing the message, it's likely due to your custom config (either additional lists or separate filters in My filters ).
Restarting your browser afterwards may help too.
Once you've gotten rid of the issue on default settings, you can slowly start restoring your config (if you really need it). Do it gradually, to easier find out what was causing the issue in the first place. Once you find the culprit, simply skip it in your config.
If you want to use Enhancer for YouTube, you have to disable its adblocking.
--- --- ---
• "Stack up" multiple blockers,
• Advise others to use multiple blockers at the same time,
• Advise others to add old filters
They will just increase the chance of anti-adblock. Any violation comment will be removed
--- --- ---
I followed the 4 steps, but I'm still experiencing issues
The latest fix for anti-adblock was made on Oct 6, 2023 and corresponded to ID 7c155e84 *.
* The ID mentioned above refers to YouTube's latest anti-adblock script. You can monitor it via this link: (top to bottom = oldest to newest). This means that the current fix is matched with the script with corresponding ID.
For example, in
/desktop_polymer_enable_wil_icons.vflset/desktop_polymer_enable_wil_icons.js, there's c97476a7 . That's
the ID.
If the latest ID (the last line) does not match the current one written above, it means YT has updated it
recently and you may encounter anti-adblock again. PLEASE DO NOT REPORT IN THIS CASE.
If the ID matches and you still get anti-adblock, kindly repeat the 4 steps below. Thank you.
Uninstalling + reinstalling uBO, then force updating all your filter lists like in step #3 may also help.
--- --- ---
The filter lists can be updated multiple times a day, so please always do step #3 before reporting.
Fixing anti-adblock may cause ads or breakages. If you see any issue, please report back the EXACT URL and your country when accessing the URL so volunteers are able to investigate by commenting here or in this thread on github.

When reporting, always provide your Troubleshooting Information**.**

On YouTube: 🛡️ uBO's icon > 💬 Report > Click "Troubleshooting information" > Select all > Copy > Share it.

--- --- ---

If a new solution is pending, you should still be able to watch YouTube when logged out.

Please be patient, we're all volunteers that can't be online 24/7.

If the thread gets locked, it means there's a newer one available. If the link doesn't work (mobile), please turn on desktop mode to reach it.

--- --- ---

Last, but not least - please convince others to do this since it's up to everyone's actions rather than an extension's.



It sounds complicated - but it's probably fairly easy. I ended up just buying YouTube Premium a couple years ago. It's like 12 bucks a month or something like that...

You're welcome. I agree it

You're welcome. I agree it sounds a bit complicated, but it is actually really simple. I tried it and it still works. If you have any questions let me know!

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