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The Christian's Handbook of Science and Philosophy - Dr. Peter Ruckman

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This "handbook" gives a full history and critique of three of the greatest clowns that ever put on a show for unregenerate mankind: philosophy (Col. 2:8), science (1 Tim. 6:20), and also psychiatry (Rom. 1:28). These super clowns of man's depravity are the gods of the heathen that major in materialism and humanism. They magnify man and humanize God. They ignore Heaven and Hell and promise man a "Utopia" apart from God and the Bible. None of them believe or preach a new birth; they all lean to international socialism; and they all post "findings" that are completely irrational and irresponsible. In this book, Dr. Ruckman discusses the four main views of philosophy and all the major philosophers, he presents the salient material on creation and evolution, and he gives an overview of psychiatry and its effectiveness. This work is excellent preparation for anyone in high school or college who is interested in God's view of the wisdom of this world.

Dr. Peter S. Ruckman received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama and finished his formal education with six years of training at Bob Jones University (four full years and two accelerated summer sessions), completing requirements for the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degree.
Reading at a rate of seven hundred words per minute, Dr. Ruckman had managed to read about 6,500 books before receiving his doctorate, and he still reads an average of a book each day.
Dr. Ruckman stands for the absolute authority of the Authorized Version and offers no apology to any recognized scholar anywhere for his stand. In addition to preaching the gospel and teaching the Bible, Dr. Ruckman has produced a comprehensive collection of apologetic and polemic literature and resources supporting the authority of the Authorized Version of the Holy Scriptures.