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Christianity and Religious Persecution - Collection 2

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Christianity and Religious Persecution - Collection 2:

This upload continues with the same subject of Christianity and religious persecution, and includes:

1- The History of Persecution from the Patriarchal Age to the Reign of George II. By: S. Chandler, 1813.

2- Christ and Antichrist, or Jesus of Nazareth Proved to be the Messiah and Papacy Proved to be the Antichrist. By: Samuel J. Cassels.
This is an interesting book in which the author argues that the Papacy system is the Antichrist that was prophesized by Daniel. The author even suggests the date of the rise of the Antichrist to have taken place sometime between 730-754 AD (page 179). This is the very period that the Papacy arose as an independent and sovereign power in Europe.
According to this argument the Christianity of Jesus Christ is not to be blamed for the crimes committed in the name of Christianity; they were all committed by the Christianity of the Antichrist.

3- Religious Violence in the Christian Roman Empire (There Is No Crime for Those Who have Christ). By: Michael Gaddis, 2005.

4- The Origins of Violence: Religion, History, Genocide. By: John Docker, 2008.

5- The Waldensian Dissent: Persecution and Survival. By: Jabriel Audisio, 1999.

6- Women in a Medieval Heretical Sect: Agnes and Huguette the Waldensians. By: Shulamith Shahar, 2001.

7- Massacre of St. Bartholomew. By: Henry White, 1868.

8- History of Crusades Against Albigenses. By: Simonde De Sismonde, 1826.

9- Massacre at Montsegur: A History of the Albigensian Crusade. By: Zeo Oldenbourg, 1961.

10- Crusade Against the Grail: The Struggle Between the Cathars, the Templers and the Church of Rome. By: Otto Rahn, 1933.

11- Popes, Cardinals and War. By: D.S. Chambers, 2006.

12- The Grand Inquisitor's Manual: A History of Terror in the Name of God By: Jonathan Kirsch, 2008.

Excerpts from the Introduction section of "History of Religious Persecutions"; by: F.B. Wright (uploaded on July 2/3):

"The pages of ecclesiastical history unfold a horrid tale of persecution and of blood. Heathens, Jews, and nominal Christians, have all been guilty of the crime of inflicting pains, penalties, and death, on those who refused to conform to established opinions and modes of worship.

Religion, natural and revealed, condemns all injustice and cruelty. Religion, then, has not been the cause of persecution; but false views of it, and a departure from its spirit and original principles. . . . .
. . . .
Had the Jews adhered to the principles of the religion of their forefathers, instead of persecuting Jesus and his apostles, they would have embraced Christianity as the substance typified by the Mosaic rites, and as the fulfillment of the prophecies of their scriptures; they would have regarded it as the means by which the salvation of the nations was to be effected from idolatry and vice, and by which all mankind might be united in one family, and form one brotherhood.

And had they who professed themselves the disciples and followers of Jesus, adhered to the precepts of the founder of their religion, they would not have disregarded the solemn injunctions he laid on them "to love one another" and which he made the characteristic of their being indeed his disciples. "Hereby," said he, "shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye love one another."

But they departed from the spirit and disposition he inculcated, and ceased to copy the bright example he had set them. In process of time human inventions were substituted in the
place of the pure precepts of the gospel; sect after sect sprung up, and to the utmost of their power anathematized and persecuted each other. Constantine, by conferring titles and dignities on the teachers and ministers of the Christian church, formed a worldly priesthood, and laid the foundation of that hierarchy, which has been: the scourge and scandal of Christendom to the present day."

Excerpts from "Christ and Antichrist" by S.J. Cassels:

". . . . The Pope is Antichrist, so says prophecy; so says history; so says his own fully developed character." (page 180)

"It may not be improper here to remark, that persecution, so far from being a mere accident upon the Romish system, is the direct result of the system itself. If Jesus Christ is "Lord of lords," and the Pope is his vicegerent on earth; if the spiritual power is either superior to the temporal, or in necessary union with it; if the Pope is the infallible interpreter of the word of God, and all men are bound to adopt his interpretations; if submission and not liberty is the duty of Christians; and if there is no salvation but in the Romish church—if these premises are admitted, then is persecution not only a result of Romanism, but a necessary result: it is the duty of the church to persecute; it would be unkind and disloyal to act otherwise." (page 235-6)