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Christianity and Religious Persecution

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Christianity and Religious Persecution:

The history of Christianity tells us that the practices of religious persecutions in Christianity were unprecedented and have by far exceeded anything suffered by the human race. The Inquisition was only one example of these practices. The full writings of Henry Charles Lea about the Inquisition were uploaded before.

In this upload, we have the following titles:

1, 2, 3- Martyrologia, or Record of Religious Persecution: Being a New and Comprehensive Book of Martyrs of Ancient and Modern Times, Vols. I, II & III. By: John Foxe, 1848. A comprehensive work that records religious persecutions throughout the history of Judaism/Christianity starting with what were reported in the Old Testament.

4- A History of Religious Persecutions, from the Apostolic Age to the Present Time; and of the Inquisition of Spain, Portugal and Goa. By: F.B. Wright, 1816.

5- Medieval Inquisition: A Study in Religious Persecution. By: Charles T. Gorham, 1918.

6- The Inquisition: A Critical and Historical Study of The Coercive Power of the Church. By: E. Vacandard, 1908.

7- Religious Violence Between Christians and Jews. Edited by: Anna Sapir Abulafia, 2002.