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Christian Jailed. Make Viral

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This guy is prison now and has been for about ten years. He has a new trial in March because the court system might lock him up for life. Sign the petition to get him out of jail.

also write to the judge



relevant in a couple of ways Orwell LOL

/you don't deserve to have the name Orwell

Bob, to be honest that was my 5-minute assessment of his case going by what was written in wikipedia. It seems like the main reason (besides tax evasion,) that he's in prison is because he was trying to smurf 450 G's out of the bank (where was that money going?) Why do *you* think he's in prison, Bob?

I agree with him in principle, however, (that there should be no other middlemen,governments,etc. in-between me and God,) and good for him for making a stand. But don't you think maybe his *bank account/s* may of been standing a little bit *in-between* him and God? That seems a little bit hypocritical to me. (Plus, he also fails Christianity 101, Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's, Render unto God what is God's.)