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China vs the US - The Battle For Oil (2007-SDTV-d0x)

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Title........: China Vs The U.S. - The Battle For Oil (2007)
Producer.....: ARTE France, GEDEON Programmes
Runtime......: 50:06
Genre........: Documentary
Languages....: French, English, Mandarin, Spanish
Translations.: English subtitles
Info URL.....: n/a

China's sky-rocketing growth and shortage of sufficient resources is
forcing China to set its sights outside its borders in a frantic
search for oil, but the major oil-producing countries are kept
off-limits by the United States, forcing China to do business with
the rogue states, African dictatorships, Iran and former Russian
states - to get the oil they desperately need.
Featuring field encounters, archival footage, news reports and maps
to outline the latest threat in world geopolitics.
File Name....: China vs the US - The Battle For Oil(2007-SDTV-d0x).avi
File Size....: 367,009,792
Frame Size...: 544x304 @ 25.000 fps
Aspect Ratio.: 1.789
Frame Quality: 0.203 bits/pixel
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Audio Codec..: MP3 @ 128 kb/s CBR