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Children of the Master Race (2013)

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Originally aired in 2013 on Channel 5, Children of The Master Race is a documentary investigating the atrocities that took place during the Lebensborn programme, established by Heinrich Himmler during World War ll. The documentary examines the Lebensborn programme, detailing the inner working of the scheme which caused thousands of deaths and involved the stealing of children, in order to create a generation of 'pure' Aryan Germans.

Children of The Master Race was directed and produced by Tim Tate.

The documentary is of an expository mode, with the purpose to educate and shock the audience, and expose the Lebensborn programme of Germany under Hitler’s rule. The documentary successfully shows the Nazi ideology of creating an Aryan race throughout Germany, investigating the Lebensborn programme in depth using valid historical evidence and footage, as well as gaining a number of personal insights from those directly targeted during the war.

Throughout the documentary, formal interviews are carried out, including children born under the Lebensborn programme, as well as historians and those studying Nazi Germany during the war. The formality of the interviews is significant, due to the sensitive nature of the documentary, allowing those being interviewed to express their feelings and share their personal experiences in confidence and at ease.


Tim Tate, the director of 'Children of the Master Race' also made the infamous 'Conspiracy of Silence' film about U.S. Satanic ritual abuse and political blackmail and corruption. The two films are very connected. Understanding what the Nazis were doing with Hitler's youth etc is important for understanding current conspiracies such as NSA surveillance and "supersoldiers".

I encouraged Tim Tate to write an article about his work and behind-the-scenes info about Conspiracy of Silence: