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Chernobyl: The Invisible Enemy (2021)

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In Ukraine, on the 26th of April 1986, a catastrophe shook the whole of Europe, and the world experienced a fatal day that became engraved in its history - A major nuclear accident at Chernobyl turned an entire city into a post-apocalyptic ghost town. Tens of thousands of lives were ruined. Today, nature has begun reclaiming the area of the exclusion zone surrounding the old power plant. But the consequences and the suffering are still felt today. Chernobyl is a lesson for the present. It warns us about the risks of our ever-evolving modern society. But Chernobyl taught us more importantly about the cost of lies. By highlighting the flaws in the Soviet Union system, it revealed how they can lead to disaster, and how the way we tell information about what really happened can cause harm. The past cannot be undone, but we can learn from it. The show is a deep dive into one of the worst disasters in human history - A disaster that revealed the true devastating nature of nuclear energy in the wrong about the tragedy of Chernobyl and the damages it left behind after a deadly fight against an invisible enemy.


Look our for another film by a polish or russian guy that claims the nuke meltdown was caused by the old HUGE "Wood-Pecker" antenna array nearby.

You'll need to be born in the 1970s to know what I mean by the tapping frequency we used to ALWAYS get as kids sweeping thru our tranny [no... not that] radios in the late 70s and early 80s....

Anyone know the title??