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Checkmate to Humanity (Ebola False Flag)

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Checkmate to Humanity (Ebola False Flag)

This is a reseed but more important and relevant than ever before.

For thousands of years, the Earth has been our home but soon will become our prison. A criminal elite, composed of powerful bankers and owners of large corporations govern the world from the shadows and they are one step away from reaching their darkest dreams. One - Create a world government dominated by an oligarchic elite. Two - Establish a global electronic currency in order to divide the world into two kinds of people: Masters and slaves. Three - Implant a chip in every person with its biometric information, its personal details and the electronic money that it possesses, in order to obtain the absolute control of the population. Four - Reduce the population to control it more easily and to better manage natural resources.


This is a great video depicting the imminent future more realistically than any other film I've seen before. It's just 12 minutes long but highly informative. With many videos on youtube you get the impression that they've been crafted by the illuminati themselves. Somehow they always look the same, even the music is the same. This film is different. I liked it so much that I've dubbed it from spanish to english. Now you have three versions on youtube, the original spanish one, one with german subs, and one dubbed by me with an english computer-voice. This dubbing nearly drove me crazy, it's still slightly out of sync, but who cares. I hope you'll appreciate this. This is meant to be spread on youtube. There's a version with english subs out there but none with english audio so far.

The recent ebola outbreak fits nicely to their wicked scheme. We never had an ebola outbreak before, why now? - because it is being done by design, of course. They've tried it with anthrax, they've tried it with swine (bird) flu, but maybe this time they'll succeed. Look at the history of America with its thousands of slaves imported from Africa, this had never led to an ebola pandemic. But the military do have ebola in their laboratories as a biowarfare agent, and of course they want to make it look as if happening naturally. False flags aren't just about making look an attack as if coming from another country, they're also about making look an attack appear as if it had happened by itself. Create tension, create fear, offer solutions leading to the new world order. Problem, reaction, solution. "Paper money will have to be replaced by the 666-chip, because paper money helps spread the virus." They're as clever as they're wicked.

Latest news, August 1, 2014: As the Ebola outbreak continues to cause concern, President Barack Obama has signed an amendment to an executive order that would allow him to mandate the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of “respiratory illness.” What did I tell you?