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A Chat with the Annunaki Reptilians (2008)

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Desteni Productions - A Chat with the Annunaki Reptilians (2008) Four reptilian beings known as 'The Annunaki' were responsible for the design and creation of the human. This video-series consists of 32 video-interviews in which they give insight into why and how they created us and their perspectives on what they have realised about themselves. comment: These videos are very peculiar and rather strange. I had been watching them 10 years ago, and I had dismissed them as pure nonsense. Back then I didn't know anything about the occult art of channeling, and I didn't know anything about those ominous Reptilians either. Now, ten years later, with what I've learned from David Icke and Credo Mutwa about the Reptilians, and knowing that a thing such as channeling actually does exist, I see these videos in a different light. Now be careful, it cannot be excluded that the girl doing the channeling is under MKULTRA mind control, working for the Illuminati in some grand scheme of deception. Or maybe it's just another cult, trying to establish its far out mythology. I've seen other videos with that girl, and in this video series her personality is totally transformed. This either means that the channeling is for real, or it may also hint at a case of MKULTRA MPD, multiple personality disorder, artificially induced by MKULTRA. You be the judge. Imagine this: The legendary Reptilians talking to us directly by way of this seemingly innocent young girl, channeling those astral entities. This is DEFCON TINFOIL LEVEL 10! videos: The videos are arranged by being and by date. Anu Video Date Videos Brief Description 18 –July-08 1 Chat with Anu 1 Reptilian GOD as Master Manipulator 19-July-08 2 Chat with Anu 2 The desire to Serve 20 –July-08 3 Chat with Anu 3 Love and DNA 25-July-08 4 Chat with Anu 4 Purpose 26-July-08 5 Chat with Anu 5 Emotions in charge 05-Aug-08 6 Chat with Anu 6 Madness of the human 09-Aug-08 7 Chat with Anu 7 Secret of real evil 20-Aug-08 8 Chat with Anu 8 2012 and UFO's 27-Aug-08 9 Chat with Anu 9 Human body as GOD - The Secret of Reptilians? 27-Aug-08 10 Chat with Anu 10 Multi Dimensional Physical as GOD - Secrets? Enlil Video Date Videos Brief Description 20-Jul-08 11 Chat with Enlil 1 Pleasure in full force by Enlil the Reptilian 26-Jul-08 12 Chat with Enlil 2 Reptilian Enlil on mind control made easy 09-Aug-08 13 Chat with Enlil 3 Communication through the ages 20-Aug-08 14 Chat with Enlil 4 Master Creators and 2013 - What will be here? 27-Aug-08 15 Chat with Enlil 5 Only the Physical is real Enki Video Date Videos Brief Description 18 –July-08 16 Chat with Enki 1 Reptilian Prisoners 19-July-08 17 Chat with Enki 2 Enki - the Reptilian on Absolute Enslavement 21 –July-08 18 Chat with Enki 3 Enki discusses Marduk's Designs of Personas 25-July-08 19 Chat with Enki 4 Evil Spirit Enki with Enlightened News 01-Aug-08 20 Chat with Enki 5 Reptilian Perfection control the mind 09-Aug-08 21 Chat with Enki 6 Reptilian has no regret 20-Aug-08 22 Chat with Enki 7 Mayans Minds Time Lines and 2012 27-Aug-08 23 Chat with Enki 8 Why did Jesus DIE - Interview with Reptilian Marduk Video Date Videos Brief Description 20 –July-08 24 Chat with Marduk 1 The Human symbol 21-July-08 25 Chat with Marduk 2 Symbols, Personality and Entity 25 –July-08 26 Chat with Marduk 3 DNA, secrets and the Law of numbers 26-July-08 27 Chat with Marduk 4 Life and the DNA organism 01-Aug-08 28 Chat with Marduk 5 Reality exist as DNA projections - What is real? 05-Aug-08 29 Chat with Marduk 6 Reptilian shame – Human Design Mistakes 20-Aug-08 30 Chat with Marduk 7 Energy as Creation 27-Aug-08 31 Chat with Marduk 8 The Divinity of Man – The Power 27-Aug-08 32 Chat with Marduk 9 The Study of self - The end is here! tags: Reptilians, Annunaki, astral, spirits, channeling, occult, history, DNA, UFO, aliens
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