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Cellect-Budwig & More Cures for Cancer Naturally (2012)

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With cancer there is never even a day to waste. This "fast track" potent anti cancer protocol that we will explain to you, when followed properly to date has been reported to have an 80% - 93% success rate (based on the work of Dr. W Kelley, Dr Beard and Dr. J Budwig). People who take only part of the program and mix and match with other programs usually do not get such good results. Our approach is much like a fine tuned watch that needs all the parts and requires an accurate adjustment to work right. The combination of ultra high nutrition, selected anti-cancer herbs and foods, in the right proportion as well as cleansing and detoxifying the body is the key. With Cancer or any serious illness one does not have time to "reinvent the wheel" and "experiment" with several different "remedies". Using a time test approach that combines several successful holistic approaches in the field of alternative medicine clearly puts one in the best possible position to eventually be able to say "Now it's Cancers Turn to Die!".

Includes testimonials and full protocol (pdf).


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