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CBC The Fifth Estate (2018.10.28) Murder In The Jungle; Muslim Adoption Ban

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This spring, international media reported on the bizarre case of a young British Columbian lynched in Peru after he — apparently in the grips of a hallucinogen called Ayahuasca — shot a highly revered local Indigenous leader and shaman. We went to the Peruvian jungle and found out what really happened, and subsequently reported our findings back to Sebastian’s father for the first time.


There are an estimated forty-thousand abandoned children in Pakistan — and Canadian families eager to adopt them. Standing in their way is a federal government policy which makes it impossible to adopt children, not just from Pakistan but from several other Muslim countries too. It began with an abrupt change in policy in 2013 that caught dozens of families off guard. Now some of those children remain languishing in orphanages — all for a perplexing reason.