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CBC - The Fifth Estate (2018.10.14) Unbuckled: School Bus Safety; Finding Jennifer

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Why are there are no seat belts on school buses? The Fifth Estate asked that question and discovered a flawed Transport Canada report which argued against seat belts— a policy which studies show has led to injuries and deaths that might have been prevented. Bob McKeown investigates.


Many in a small town in northern Newfoundland are trying to solve a mystery: What happened to Jennifer Hillier-Penney? She disappeared without a trace almost two years ago from her estranged husband's home in St. Anthony. There have been no named suspects, no arrests and no answers. Her friends and family feel police didn't treat her disappearance seriously enough, so they keep searching -- desperate to find Jennifer and find closure. And without answers, many in town have begun to turn their sights inward -- thinking someone knows something. Mark Kelley investigates.