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CBC Doc Zone part 8

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8th Fire: Crown-First Nations Gathering
8th Fire: part 1 Indigenous in the City
8th Fire: part 2 It's Time!
8th Fire: part 3 Whose Land Is It Anyway?
8th Fire: part 4 At the Crossroads
Abandon Ship
Love, Hate and Propaganda (1st LHP mini-miniseries about WWII) parts 1-6, complete
Love, Hate and Propaganda: The Cold War (2nd LHP mini-miniseries) parts 1-4, complete (lower resolution .mp4 files)
Love, Hate and Propaganda: The War on Terror: The War for Your Mind (3rd LHP mini-miniseries) part 1

8th Fire extras, promos and interviews

That's probably all for a while.


Lots of good stuff in all these uploads, wish they were labeled better so I can pick the ones I want only, but a nice collection you have.

I didn't bother to link filenames to episodes, but most are pretty clear. Almost all of this installment is mini-miniseries. 8th Fire is about First Peoples/Indians.