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CBC Doc Zone part 7

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Angry Kids and Stressed Out Parents
Bite Me: The Bed Bug Invasion
Condo Game
Flying Solo
How We Got Gay
Life below Zero (lower resolution .mp4 file)
NCR: Not Criminally Responsible
Officeland (full resolution .mp4)
Roboticize Me
Royals and Animals: Till Death Do Us Part
Shock Wave (1.63 GB/01:30:03 about a West Coast tsunami)
State of Incarceration
Superstitious Minds
Trouble with Experts (full resolution .mp4 file)
Twin Life: Sharing Mind and Body
Weather Gone Wild
Zoo Revolution
(all of the above have embedded closed-caption subtitles)
War of 1812 propaganda campaign extras, clips and promos


too bad the files are named. Do you know which file is Roboticize Me? Thanks

the CBC named them, including misspellings. The Roboticize Me episode is: