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CBC Doc Zone part 1

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Part 1 of perhaps 6 or 7 parts of a collection of Doc Zone documentaries, one of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's main documentary film programs. In no particular order, part 1 includes some torrents from other sites; subsequent parts will consist mainly of direct rips from the CBC at the highest resolution available.

Documentaries in this installment:

Eat, Cook, Love part 1
Great War parts 1 and 2
New Green Giants
Royals and Animals
Superstitious Minds
Trouble with Experts


Even a small description would be appreciated. docuwiki might be helpful..

The short description is what you got. Linking episodes to filenames can be done by consulting the CBC webpage and IMDB probably, although not all of the dates in filenames reflect original air-dates. Re: above, Green Giants is about agriculture, Eat Cook etc is about food, Great War is WWI, Officeland is about the "new office" I guess, Royals and Animals is about QE2's corgi pests, didn't watch Superstitious and Trouble with Experts is one of the THE classic Doc Zones about how almost all "experts" are fakers.