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Cathy O'Brien & Mark Philips - Trance Formation of America (1995).pdf

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TRANCE Formation of America

"TRANCE Formation of America was originally written, in graphic detail, for the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Oversight in 1995, seven years after Mark Phillips rescued my daughter Kelly and I from our White House/Pentagon level MK-Ultra mind control victimization. We had previously been stopped from presenting our compiled eyewitness testimonies, supporting medical documents and hard evidence to all local, state, and federal legal bodies for so-called “reasons of National Security”. Once it became clear that we would not be able to address the Congressional Committee, TRANCE was released en masse in the form of a self-published book. It is now in its eighth printing, and is rapidly spanning the globe.

Mark and I began utilizing our First Amendment Rights by publicly whistle-blowing about mind control in 1991. In order to compile the evidence and begin a nation-wide mail-out of the information, we were reduced to living with Mark’s mother in a tiny two-bedroom house, able to eat only through food stamps and donations. After sending the information to every prominent politician and political organization in Washington and receiving only the form responses, we finally had a breakthrough in 1992. At that time, I was able to address the Tennessee State Legislature after Kelly had been denied her Constitutional and human rights when forced into Tennessee State custody. The judge presiding over her so-called “legal” case, Judge Andrew Shookhoff, said in open court “laws do not apply in this case for reasons of National Security.” This statement was the first stage of public validation from the bureaucratic and institutional realms. And it may have been the very act that saved our lives.

It is love for Kelly and determination to obtain classified technological rehabilitation for her and for the countless other victims worldwide who cannot think to speak for themselves, and love for humanity as a whole that motivates Mark and I to bring this reality to light. We are not alone in this effort, as there are individuals from global intelligence and governments who have been actively risking their jobs, retirement, and even lives to ensure that these facts reach people from all walks of society in order to make a necessary positive difference. Mind control is the most important issue facing humanity today as all other issues, causes, and choices are contingent upon free thought. We all formulate our thoughts, opinions, and actions based on what we know, and you Need-to-Know that your knowledge base is being deliberately altered through the suppression of pertinent information. Mind control is the missing piece of the puzzle that brings the global political picture into focus and explains so much of what we are seeing in society today. In a world where many people have fallen out of love with life, it is imperative to restore those human values we hold so dear NOW while we can still think to do so.

Upon researching the detailed facts documented in TRANCE and responding to this no-longer-secret problem with action, we all stand to win the psychological war that has been waged on us by a very few. Kelly’s and my named abusers’ justify their application of mass mind control by invoking an entire spectrum of ‘virtues,’ from that of population control to a means of achieving world peace. I know from experience that there is no peace in mind control, because without free thought there is no free will and without free will there is no soul expression. As a nation, our future is at stake. It is time to join the ever-increasing number of people worldwide who are raising public awareness by spreading the word on this 21st century technology for psychological control of our planet. Indeed, it is truth that makes u.s. free!

Cathy O’Brien"