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Carroll Quigley Tragedy and Hope History of the World (1966) 2nd ed

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Carroll Quigley Tragedy and Hope History of the World (1966) 2nd ed

Now with much improved Mac computer voice Daniel UK. This makes a lot of difference. For such a huge volume this new voice is much easier on your mind. Even I couldn't listen to all of it in the old voice. Listen to one of the very few scholars worth listening to in the field of conspiratorial history of humankind.

Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley is the ultimate insider admission of a secret global elite that has impacted nearly every modern historical event. Learn how the Anglo-American banking elite were able to secretly establish and maintain their global power. This massive hardcover book of 1348 pages provides a detailed world history beginning with the industrial revolution and imperialism through two world wars, a global depression and the rise of communism. Tragedy & Hope is the definitive work on the world's power structure and an essential source material for understanding the history, goals and actions of the New World Order.

About the Author:

Carroll Quigley (1910-1977) was a highly respected professor at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He was an instructor at Princeton and Harvard; a consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense, the House Committee on Astronautics and Space Exploration; and the U.S. Navy.


This book by Carroll Quigley is of such supreme importance that I've decided to create a second edition with the new computer voice Daniel UK. When listening to such a huge volume, a more pleasant voice makes a big difference. Quigley may be the only significant academic that managed to put out the truth despite the massive censorship, suppression and control scheme going on in academic circles to this day. The conspiracy prevents people from learning and knowing about the very conspiracy.

For any conspiracy researcher this may well be the single most important book ever written. If you want to read one book only then let it be this one. I've spell checked the complete 1090 pages (not 1348 because of a different formatting) driving me almost nuts, but I guess it was worth it - I hope you'll appreciate my effort. Please note that Quigley died rather early with 67 years only. His death may not have been natural. During his lifetime he had been exposed to a lot of psychological stress because most publishers had refused to publish his work and had used any dirty trick imaginable against him to hinder his mission. This stress may not have been beneficial to his health.

please note: For the audiobook edition most of the listings, tables and spreadsheets have been removed for reasons of compatibility. The missing tables may be looked up in the text files I've included but they're not really essential.

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