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Carroll Quigley - The Anglo-American Establishment (1st Edition, 1981)

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Written by Bill Clinton's mentor, Professor Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University, this book remained unpublished for 20 years because no major publisher dared print the true story of the secret society that set out to dominate the world and ultimately came to control both England and the United States.

On rare occasions a book is published which must forever alter the way in which we view the world around us. Within a short while, it becomes difficult to understand how we could have functioned without the knowledge gained from it. The Anglo-American Establishment is such a book. In it Professor Carroll Quigley presents crucial 'keys' without which 20th century political, economic, and military events can never be fully understood. The reader will see that this applies to events past-present-and future.

While the notion of conspiratorial influence on world events had gained credence with both extremities of the American political spectrum, and to a degree with the general public, the more academically-oriented person has tended to downplay such influence, largely because of the lack of scholarship in the presentation and analysis of the facts by those supporting the conspiracy theories. In addition, many such supporters have made themselves easy to ignore and, in fact, have themselves always assumed that they would be ignored. Professor Quigley's work does not suffer from these defects. The evidence he presents here appears irrefutable; the analysis-brilliant.

1. Introduction
2. The Cecil Bloc
3. The Secret Society of Cecil Rhodes
4. Milner's Kindergarten, 1897-1910
5. The Milner Group, Rhodes, and Oxford, 1901-1925
6. The Times
7. The Round Table
8. War and Peace, 1915-1920
9. The Creation of the Commonwealth
10. The Royal Institute of International Affairs
11. India, 1911-1940
12. Foreign Policy, 1919-1940
13. The Second World War, 1939-1945