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Carl Sagans Cosmos

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Astronomer Dr. Carl Sagan is host and narrator of this
13-hour series that originally aired on Public Broadcasting Stations
in the United States. Dr. Sagan describes the universe in a way that
appeals to a mass audience, by using Earth as a reference point,
by speaking in terms intelligible to non-scientific people, by relating
the exploration of space to that of the Earth by pioneers of old,
and by citing such Earth legends as the Library of Alexandria as
metaphors for space-related future events. Among Dr. Sagans
favorite topics are the origins of life, the search for life on Mars,
the infernal composition of the atmosphere of Venus and a warning
about a similar effect taking place on Earth due to global pollution
and the greenhouse effect, the lives of stars, interstellar travel and
the effects of attaining he speed of light, the danger of mankind
technologically self-destructing, and the search, using radio technology,
for intelligent life in deep space.

Product Description
Complete Landmark TV Series - 13 One Hour Episodes

I: The Shores Of the Cosmos
II: One Voice In the Cosmic Fugue
III: The Harmony Of the Worlds
IV: Heaven and Hell
V: Blues For A Red Planet
VI: Travellers' Tales
VII: The Backbone of Night
VIII: Travels In Space and Time
IX: The Lives Of the Stars
X: The Edge Of Forever
XI: The Persistence Of Memory
XII: Encyclopedia Galactica
XIII: Who Speaks For Earth?

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