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I have seeding access for only about 2 hours so if you aren't sure you want this update of the Scofield bio., grab it anyway and propagate.

An iconoclastic biographical re-examination of "Dr." Scofield and his "Biblical" tamperings on the illusory "Rapture" doctrine and its usefulness to those pushing political and racial Zionism.

This book (16.7MB approximately, 323 pp.) is the same version (and nearly same size) as the non-OCR version at:

--except this one has been OCR'd so the editable/searchable/text2speech-playable text is included, under the page images.

There are terrible typographical errors in the original page image text and these where obvious and significant have been corrected in the editable (under-image) version; so please don't tell me about them. But if you see material errors in the editable text, feel free to PM.

NB: the non-OCR pdf itself may possibly have been an image copy of a printout of an OCR'd scan (rather than images of the book pages themselves). Alternatively, the errors it contains resulted from the technology used in making the letterpress paper edition in 1988. If you have the paper book and notice any major differences, PM please...

And if you like the book, don't forget to buy the hard copy.

From the Foreword:

" 1984, we decided to issue the first printing in letterpress format. As issued, it did have all the defects of a privately printed work. The response among non-Dispensationalists was so great that five more limited printings were made...
It would appear that Fundamentalism was shaken by the revelations about their "Saint." One of the BJU faculty, David O. Beale*, was at work on a study of Fundamentalism, which did come out under the title, "In Pursuit of Purity, American Fundamentalism Since 1850." My Scofield study could not go unnoticed, but Beale's work was too far along for a major rewrite. So I did receive "notice" in part of a footnote. On Page 46, Beale, in Footnote 6 says, "There is a spiteful and inadequately documented attack on Scofield's character. . . Canfield attempts to discredit the pretribulation rapture [Sorry, Dave, it {sic} already well discredited!], concludes that Scofield possibly was not even a Christian. ..."
...[Robert L.] Sumner's [re]view came out in the November, 1986, issue of The Biblical Evangelist. Sumner spread over 20 pages of his paper a diatribe which would have received kudos from William Randolph Hearst*.

[* Gusher says: if not Jewish surnames as such, then surnames commonly adopted by Jews and crypto-Jews. Zionist Jews were behind the "Rapture" doctrine and Scofield was their tool.]

From the Introduction:

"The Christian Church still awaits a definitive comprehensive study of the entire subject of the second advent of Christ as it is revealed in the New Testament, including a careful investigation of the history of interpretation and the influence of this profound truth in the creeds and literature of the church, and in the lives of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ." ... So said the late Dr. Wilbur M. Smith in his column "In The Study" in "Moody Monthly", March 1957. Such a study has not appeared, and the voluminous literature on the subject generally concerns itself with interpretation, not with the history of the interpretation, its newness or its traditions."

For a study covering some of that ground (notably "Revelation"/Apocalypse) from a different (but not new) perspective, consider reading Joseph Elon Conner: "Christ Was Not A Jew" (privately published in 1936):