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Cancer Cures

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As you’ll realize just looking through the contents of this E-book, there is an awful lot
of information contained here and we realize how easy it is to get a bad case of
"information overload"!

However, even with the possibility of overload, we wanted to give you as much
quality material from as many DIFFERENT viewpoints as we could. Our reasoning
for this is simple; most experts in the cancer research and cures agree that the
CAUSES of cancer are extremely variable and because of this, different people will
need different sources of information as well as different types of cancer therapies.
Very likely a combination of therapies to cure their cancer because no two people are

So having said that, we would like to give you a few suggestions for getting the most
out of this E-book. Because time is crucial factor in your journey to cure cancer, we
would like to offer a few ideas that might help.

** There are many different types of therapies represented here. Some are going to be
better that others, some have many testimonials from people who have been cured,
and others don’t.

Use your common sense when evaluating these therapies. And even MORE important
(whether you are researching cancer cures for yourself or someone else), use your
intuition, still your thoughts, calm your mind, and listen to your intuition/inner
wisdom, when you evaluate different therapies. If you can remain calm and listen to
that inner wisdom, it will guide you to the right therapy. Remember that you are the
one who has to take charge of your own illness! Don¹t leave your treatment in the
hands of someone else!


Use your inner wisdom and always REMEMBER YOUR CURE IS OUT THERE!
Wield your weapon of calmness against your fear and BANISH it!

Fear has no place in your search for a cure!

** Once you have armed yourself with your choice of therapies, I believe it is
extremely important to maintain a great attitude. By whatever means work for you,
make a promise to yourself : to stay calm, banish your fear, use your inner wisdom. If
you keep working on this type of attitude, before long you won’t have to convince
yourself, you’ll be cured, You will KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that you’ll be

** At the end of this E-book you’ll find the Resource Section. This is a collection of
the very best websites and books we’ve found on cancer cures and "the cancer
industry". I encourage you to prove to yourself that the statements I’ve made about
the cancer industry are true. And also that these simple inexpensive ways to cure
cancer are a reality!

** Finally, when you have succeeded in curing your cancer or someone you know has
cured their cancer using an alternative treatment, tell others!
It is only by spreading the word about these cancer cures and telling all our friends
and family, that we can begin to get out from under the oppressive thumb of the
"disease industry".

Working together we can make cancer just a distant memory...