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Can anyone tell me what these pictures show?

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Can anyone tell me what these pictures show?

The first ones with pus are pictures i sent to my doctor...after which i got blocked (online)...
Knew it would get better, but the reason i sent them, is because it looks as if the wounds were excreting mold (!).
She was even kind enough to check out the premises earlier, luckily the facilities are close, to see what the fuss is about...

Then there's the other ones, they were taken in a local shopping mall, on the benches, next to workers from the bank...
They were doing a bit of local marketing for people to join their retirement's the local bank i like the most...
Plus i am already a customer and have the fund there as well, so it's like...i went there to have a discussion with them, and they refused.
You know, as in, some of the technical details, but they're just the advertisement department and unfortunately, with most enterprises these days,
that's the primary department and one usually lacking in knowledge, it seems. Because of the mold, i was looking for another place to go.
Picked up my laptop and my charger and went to watch a movie or do whatever, where-ever and i took these pictures at the nearby mall...
The domestic situation was such that i was mostly unable to breathe or at least stay indoors without minor discomfort...hence
These looked interesting enough to record and if i remember correctly, the area was rather sensitive, like a thermal burn or something...
Interestingly shaped, anyone have any idea on what this might be?

Under my left arm, near the bicep area...the description is written because otherwise it could be assumed to be an aircraft hangar or whatever..

I am not sure

Do you have any reason to believe you are a victim of electronic harassment?

TheCorsair00 wrote:
TheCorsair00 wrote:

Do you have any reason to believe you are a victim of electronic harassment?

That depends, but i highly doubt the usual implications of personally targeted DEWs. In terms of false information spread, such as via e-mail, if that can be considered as a simple form of electronic harassment, then most certainly, by the usual suspects and usually materials with little truthful substance to them due to carelessness and other such factors. Friendly reminder: honesty is a different thing to truth. When someone considers a falsehood as truth, they are acting as-if the information is true and that is going to have effects regardless of whether it actually is true. Hence, the basis of psychological operations and mind control. In fact, there is very little perceived actual harassment on my end, from almost anyone...but there's situational residual remnants from times, when it seemed to be otherwise, i.e. terrible domestic situation and standing and these are the kinds of things which get people in trouble in the first place, ultimately...This is why i would also consider most millenial terrorists (or whatever else trouble they could be making), if such a phenomena exists, as probably free of blame and guilt in most scenarios and look for the real cause, instead of pointing a finger and the rest of the formalities...It's like if someone cuts the brake cables on your vehicle to sabotage it and you's you that drives and crashes it, but really...come on, let's be real here....The problem with solving things this way is that it requires a lot of accurate data and scrutiny and that stuff's usually unavailable, right? With my pictures, whether or not there was any electronic harassment such as could be referred to, they look well-formed and funny enough to be interesting regardless, in my opinion.

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