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CA, Today You Became An Official Medical Tyranny State - SB 276, SB 714 Signed Into Law

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Lisa, This is unlike you. You're usually uploading from the start. This one has been here for 6 1/2 days without anything. Any chance of an upload? Or are you a CIA agent carrying out an experiment? You've given the Youtube details, so people can download from there in an hour or so, but are you seeing how long - days, weeks, months - they will stay trying to download from you before they give up and go to Youtube?

I have been uploading a lot of things, especially on Saturday. I took off on Sunday and Monday because of personal things.
I give the Youtube channel as a source of where I got it from.


Oh and I also took Tuesday off lol


Lisa, Can I suggest you slow down. Ten hours ago, you saw my comment and you replied to it - twice. People may be interested to know what you've been doing and when. But I think people are more interested in the core fact: that you put this on ConCen over a week ago, and not a single bit has gone to the people trying to download, most of whom have given up and left. So ten hours ago, you spent time replying, but you have done nothing about the problem. I have after nearly a week, downloaded 0 bits, the same as the others.

Rocky, I have added the torrent. I will check the rest of my torrents to make sure that they are okay regarding the concern you have brought up.

Re: the rest. I will upload what I will. I have taken 3 ENTIRE DAYS OFF.
I space things out, and I try to take care to not spam. Yes, I do post a lot, and then I don't do things for hours afterwards for various reasons (e.g., work during the weekdays.).



Lisa, 2 1/2 days ago, I asked: "Any chance of an upload?" That is the only real question. Since then, you replied 3 times. But NOTHING has been downloaded by anyone. It's 9 days now. Please tell us: Are you going to upload this, and if so, when?

Listen Rocky, I'm very sorry this is very inconvenient for everyone. It's really effing annoying for me bc I don't know why tf these torrents aren't seeding for me even after doing research and trying to follow what the websites suggested. I'm starting to feel this is rocket science for me. Don't worry, I can leave and then you can be at peace again. I'm really freaking annoyed that I can't get these damn torrents to seed, ok?
Oh, and I'm not a bloody CIA agent, I fucking hate the CIA and all they have done to tear down freedom ever since the Dulles assholes really started it. So please, I'm just a very frustrated thirtysomething woman in Wisconsin who doesn't know any fragging Russian or know any effing person in the CIA, nor would I ever want to work for the sociopaths therein.

Frustratedly yours,

Thanks Lisa, Let's look at this in proportion. You're obviously a very nice person, who's willing to spend time helping to spread the truth. But you can only do what you can do. No-one can do more than that. All I do is make suggestions if I think it will be useful. I commented here as in this one case, it was not being seeded. But you have put a massive number of torrents on: you're a ConCen hero. That's the main fact. Because some things are not perfect should not detract you from that. That you are a wonderful person and trying to help. As to what you should do, I can only suggest you ask Nibs, who runs the site. I know a lot less than you about the technicalities. But I’m probably more than twice your age, so that excuses me, sort of. Oh, my original CIA agent comment was a joke. But I very seriously say you should not hate the CIA, or the Russians, or anyone else. For two reasons. First, the war against the people is made to happen by a small number of people, who make presidents, prime ministers, media bosses, etc do what they are told. So a few people at the top of the CIA are working against the people, but everyone else at the CIA is doing their job as well and as reasonably as they can. That applies to other organizations as well, such as the CDC, FDA, etc. Virtually everyone there wants to help the people. For example, people in NIST, EPA etc have publicly said there is too much political control of the science. Virtually everyone wants to help make the country, the world, a better place. But no single person can change the world alone, so each makes his or her contribution, by becoming a whistleblower, or spreading the truth as you’re doing. The second reason you should not hate the CIA etc is that is does not help. It makes you stressed and that leads to lower vibrations and sickness. I think we should be positive. We should feel that we are good people, doing good to make the world, or our bit of it, a better place. You should feel good as you upload stuff, and at the end of each day, knowing you’ve helped to make a difference. That’s all anyone can do.
So carry on the good work, Lisa.
Gratefully yours,

Thanks Rocky,

Totally agreed about the top of the pyramid using compartmentalization etc. to keep what they really do in the darkness/black ops hidden from the rank and file. That being said, it does not mean they are totally exempt from doing their part to further said things. Still we have all been in darkness, and are trying to make things better as you have said so well.
Only thing is: when I say hate, I mean I don't feel the need to be OK with some things like say, to use another category, evil in this world; eg., mind control, surveillance state, satanic ritual abuse, satanic pedophilia etc. The CIA has been involved with things like this in general, and other groups too, and to say I am all hunky dory with it would be to lie. I'm usually down to earth (I guess) in that I don't get mad about just anything. If I didn't get passionate about things/mad enough to do something positive about things, I would not bother doing anything.
I'm working with Concen to get this file running. Our discussions are in forum.

Thanks again for your kind words and infinite patience with my learning curve,

Thank you for your kind words. I think that you and I, and nearly all people, express ourselves using different words or ideas, but we all want basically the same things. I tried to express the idea that it is the people at the top who are in charge of the things that are bad, and I said the people below are doing their job as well as they can. You said the rank and file are not totally exempt from doing their part to further said things. And of course, you are right. Take the case of aspartame. The company that made it could not get it approved because FDA scientists said it was dangerous. So the company gave stock and a top job to Donald Rumsfeld. He put a new commissioner in at the top of the FDA, who approved it against the scientists' warnings. So it was approved from on high, but that approval depended on all the staff not disobeying the orders, and not going public with the scientific concerns. So, many staff at different levels have to each decide what to do. They would like to do as their conscience tells them. But they know they could be sacked. So they often come to a compromise they think is the best. Some people in this type of situation blow the whistle, while others are scared. So the state of the world depends on what lots of individual people do. Do they go along with things they think are wrong? Or do they say, No, that's not in my job description and it's wrong? A lot of people who think they have no power, actually have quite a lot of power. When they refuse to do something, or refuse to buy something, they change what gets done, or what gets produced. And it all starts with knowledge of the truth, and people passing that to others.
And as a result of places like ConCen, more people are finding out, so there is a need for governments and social media corporations to censor such info, such as about vaccines, so although it becomes harder for people to find the truth about vaccines, it becomes easier to see that there is this censorship.
It will be interesting to see who wins this battle, but in the process of finding out and doing something about it, people are changing themselves, often for the better.
Again thanks.

Lisa, What is happening?
You posted this on Sept 10. When nothing was uploaded, I asked what was happening. You replied to each of my comments, but did not say until Sept 20 that you were having problems uploading this. Then on Sept 23, we all went from 0% to 87.2%.
On Sept 24, this title was removed from ConCen. On Sept 25, it came back. Same title, but 76.72 M, not 115.59 M.
So the position today, Sept 29, is that people on 87.2%, (ie 100M of 115.59M) - are still waiting for the remaining 12.8%.
Should they give that up after more than 2 weeks and download the smaller file? Please advise us.

Rocky, there are 3 seeds. I'm not understanding.
I also checked the ENTIRE file. It's smaller but it's the same video through and through.


Lisa, If you slowed down and spent a minute thinking, you would understand. It's very simple. Yes, there are 3 seeds to a small file you recently opened. But 2 weeks before that, you opened a larger file with the same title, and people on 87.2% are still waiting for you. Because you took it down, it is not there for you to see. But people are nevertheless there waiting for you. I have been downloading it (the first one) for 2 weeks and 3 days.
I am willing to help, and in the case of this particular post, I have spent a lot of time on it. But I resent having to do that when you do not appear to be willing to spend more than a second thinking about what I or anyone else could want.
I first commented after you had not uploaded anything on this. You could have saved us both time and energy by saying you did not know how to upload in this case. But you did not say that.
Now my latest comment - on the 29th - is quite simple. But you say you do not understand. Please, stop and think.

Rocky wrote:

Lisa, If you slowed down and spent a minute thinking, you would understand. ... Please, stop and think.

Rocky, please just delete the torrent and its contents, and download it again. It won't take more than a couple minutes.

My previous reply was to your comment, which just said: "Rocky, there are 3 seeds. I'm not understanding." If I had refreshed this, I would have seen that you had later added: "I also checked the ENTIRE file. It's smaller but it's the same video through and through."
This is my SEVENTH comment on this. In my first comment, I said: "You've given the Youtube details, so people can download from there in an hour or so, .." That's what I could have done. It would have been far easier for me. But I tried to help for 2 reasons. First, for the people already downloading. But also to help you, so that you would understand and thus not only help people downloading this particular post, but also help people downloading stuff you put on in the future.
I seem to have largely wasted my time. I'll try once more. THINK OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO DOWNLOAD FROM YOU. KEEP THEM UP TO DATE. If people are trying to download, but are getting nothing, as was the case, tell them your problem and ask for help. If you decide to withdraw one upload, and put a slightly different one in, as you did in this case, think of the people downloading the first one, and tell them about it.
Anyway, Lisa, thanks for your uploads.

Rocky, I have updated this as Concen and myself have worked on this. I will just have this torrent deleted and YOU can download the file from Youtube and YOU can create a new torrent. If I need guys on my ass I will talk to my boss. I am sick of this.


Lisa, You said earlier: "Thanks again for your kind words and infinite patience with my learning curve." and that you are "just a very frustrated thirtysomething woman in Wisconsin". But it seems you see all attempts to help you as criticism designed to harass you, not help you. Should I have mentioned that after a week, all of the people downloading had received nothing? When you stopped uploading the first post, and started the second one, should I have mentioned that there were people still waiting for the first one to finish? (As there still are.) You would appear to say NO, NO to both, because you don't like to be criticized at all. It is certainly a way to be popular to tell someone she's good, or not say anything when she makes mistakes. But it's better for that person to be told when she's making a mistake, as it enables her to learn. Or at least that's the theory applicable to most people. But I try and learn as well, and I will not spend time, or as much time, on future occasions, because I only try to help if I think there is a fair chance of helping; I don't like to waste my time when there is no chance of success. So go your way, Lisa in your own way. You are doing a good job.