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C W Leadbeater - The Masters and the Path (1925)

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C W Leadbeater - The Masters and the Path (1925) ebook + audiobook contents: The Existence of the Masters; The Physical Bodies of the Masters; The Way of the Master; Probation; Acceptance; Other Presentations; the First Initiation; The Ego; The Second and Third Initiations; The Higher Initiations; The Work of the Masters; The Chohans and the Rays; The Trinity and the Triangles; The Wisdom in the Triangles; The Power in the Triangles. review: CW Leadbeater (CWL) was one of those early Theosophists who has had a profound influence on New Age thinking and Spiritual Philosophies. Several of his books were "simply" written and can be considered as landmarks for introducing new (if not ancient) ideas into the West. The Masters and the Path was written some years after the time of CWL's "falling out" with parts of the Theosophical Society, and indeed many theosophists even today have not fully forgiven him. However, CWL had a curious mixture of eccentric and profound spiritual qualities, and it was the latter that shone through in this particular book. What is timeless about this book is not (for once) portrayal of new aspects of knowledge as he did in his "Chakras", or "The Astral Plane" or "Man, Visible and Invisible", which were all good books. The Masters and the Path is the only book by CWL that gives a real insight into the man's spirituality, and his motives in his spiritual growth. In my view, the energies driving this book, especially in its first half, show the author in a state close to initiation at some level. Hence, his sharing this part of himself is a priceless glimpse for any genuine student of the Path. Growth in understanding as distinct from growth in knowledge comes through this book. It is now over 70 years since CWL's passing, and perhaps 80 years since he penned the words of this book. CWL will be remembered for his controversy; his clairvoyance that was under scrutiny by sceptics, his misdemeanours and his "discovery" of Krishnamurti. However, I think this book above all of his others, shows his truest contribution to the Spiritual Cause. comment: This is an interesting expose about the occult hierarchy behind the expected kingdom of the Antichrist, the real Illuminati, so to speak. Reading this book is essential for any truther doing his homework. If you think the Rothschilds are at the top of the Illuminati, then you still have to learn a lot. The occult hierarchy of the Illuminati encompasses many cultures, religions and spiritual traditions all over the globe. files: audiobook specs: computer voice Mac Tessa, 11 hrs 29 min 16 sec, 64 kbps cover.jpg C W Leadbeater The Masters and the Path 1925.mp3 C W Leadbeater The Masters and the Path 1925 edit.txt Torrent_downloaded_from_Demonoid_-_www.demonoid.pw_.txt C W Leadbeater The Masters and the Path 1925.pdf path.nfo tags: occult, hierarchy, Illuminati, antichrist, New Age, theosophy, NWO, future, spiritual
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