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Bushcraft & Urban Survival - Tools & Tactics for Preppers video pack

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Bushcraft & Urban Survival - Tools & Tactics for Preppers video pack Bushcraft The old saying goes “The more skills you have the less gear you need”. This is a great mindset to have and it provides a clear path on the journey to preparedness. Today I am going to share with you a set of skills and tools that all add up to the overall field known as “Bushcraft”. If you are an old hand at wilderness survival or are just asking, “What is Bushcraft?” this article will show you what skills to learn and tools to use when growing your bushcraft knowledge and survival abilities. What Is Bushcraft? Bushcraft is the art of using the resources provided by our natural environment to survive and thrive in the great outdoors. It combines the knowledge of how to best use the plants and animals at your disposal with some basic bushcraft tools to make outdoor living easier and more efficient. In learning bushcraft skills we benefit in many ways including: Increasing our ability to adapt to new challenges Becoming more self sufficient Growing our confidence Increasing our survival skills Becoming better prepared to face unforeseen problems Bushcraft is not just one thing to learn. It is a group of related skills that help you survive and adapt to overcome obstacles. Although traditional bushcraft is focused on wilderness survival, its mindset of using the world around you can easily be applied to an urban or suburban setting. Bushcraft skills Learning bushcraft survival skills will go a long way in making you better prepared the next time a disaster strikes. Many of the skills and projects within the field of bushcraft can be directly applied to survival situations and are immensely useful to learn. Urban Survival Much of what is written about survival assumes a wilderness survival situation. There are several advantages to trying to survive in the wild, mostly that of not having to worry about all the other people around you. On top of that, you have the availability of all the resources that nature provides for you. On the other hand, when trying to survive in an urban situation, you have the exact opposite; basically no natural resources as well as a lot of other people around you who are vying for those same resources. Nevertheless, urban survival is the situation which most of us are likely to find ourselves in. Being able to trap a squirrel in a snare or building a debris shelter in the woods may not be as important as some other skills we’ll need; especially if we’re trying to survive a financial collapse. While some survival skills, like purifying water and starting a fire are universal, there are many other skills which are critical for an urban survival situation. Many of those skills affect how we deal with the other people around us, specifically protecting ourselves and our families from them. There are also some skills which are specific to a financial collapse, which may not be as important in the aftermath of other disasters. 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