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Bushcraft, Scouting & Self-Reliance

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This is a collection of interrelated books & articles in PDF format that any outdoorsman will appreciate.

Books Included:

(ebook) Reference Guide for Recurve Archers 05 (2002).pdf
Elmer, Robert P. - American Archery (1917).pdf
(OM) History of Recurve Bows.pdf
Pope, Saxton - Hunting with the Bow and Arrow.pdf
Stemmler, L.E. - Essentials of Archery (1942).pdf
Waldorf, D.C. - The Art of Making Primitive Bows and Arrows (1985).pdf

(article) Getting Started in Astronomy (Northern Hemisphere)(2003).pdf
Milham, Willis - How to Identify the Stars (1909).pdf
Moulton, Forest Ray - An Introduction to Astronomy (1916).pdf
Waxman, Laura Hamilton - The Solar System (2010).pdf
Will Gater and Anton Vamplew - The Practical Astronomer (2010).pdf

Aids to Survival - W.A. Police Academy Command & Land Operations unit.pdf
Alexander, Tony - Tony Alexander's Practical Hunter's & Trapper's Guide (1877).pdf
Angier, Bradford - How to Stay Alive in the Woods (1956).pdf
(article) Building Fires in the Rain.pdf
(article) Fire Safety.pdf
(article) How to Clean a Fish.pdf
(article) Skinning and Dressing Rabbits.pdf
Beard, Daniel Carter - Field & Forest Handy Book: New Ideas for Out-of-Doors (1906).pdf
Beard, Daniel Carter - Shelters, Shacks, & Shanties: The Classic Guide to Building Wilderness Shelters (1916).pdf
Beard, Daniel Carter - The American Boys' Book of Signs, Signals and Symbols (1918).pdf
Beard, Daniel Carter - The American Boys' Handy Book of Camp Lore and Woodcraft (1920).pdf
Beard, Daniel Carter - The Jack of All Trades or New Ideas for American Boys (1907).pdf
Beard, Daniel Carter - The Outdoor Handy Book (1914).pdf
Breck, Edward - The Way of the Woods (1908).pdf
(BSA) Gilcraft - Scouting Outdoors-of-Doors (1932).pdf
(BSA) Hazelwood, Rex - Training in Observation (1961).pdf
(BSA) Lightweight Camping (1961).pdf
(BSA) Signaling Merit Badge Phamplet (1940).pdf
Bushcraft (Canadian Scout Manual) - PO 403.pdf
Cone, J.G. - Woodcraft Wisdom (1965).pdf
DK Publishing - Essential Survival Skills: Key Tips and Techniques for the Great Outdoors (2011).pdf
DK Publishing - The Survival Handbook: Essential Skills For Outdoor Adventure (2009).pdf
(ebook) Captain Dave's Survival Guide.pdf
(ebook) Tappan, Mel - Tappan on Survival.pdf
Fordyce, Claude Powell - Trail Craft (1922).pdf
Gibson, William Hamilton - Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping.pdf
Graves, Robert - The Ten Bushcraft Books.pdf
Halstead - How to Live in the Woods (1948).pdf
Harding, A.R. - Deadfalls & Snares (1907).pdf
Hawke, Mykel - Hawke's Green Beret Survival Manual (2009).pdf
Kephart, Horace - Camping & Woodcraft (1910).pdf
Kephart, Horace - Drafts & Drawings.pdf
Kephart, Horace - Our Southern Highlanders (1913).pdf
Knap, Jerome J. - The Complete Outdoorsman's Handbook (1976).pdf
Kochanski, Mors L. - Northern Bushcraft.pdf
Kochanski, Mors L. - TryStick Article.pdf
Longstreth, T. Morris - Reading the Weather (1918).pdf
Lundin, Cody - When All Hell Breaks Loose (2007).pdf
Macpherson, David B. - Tarp Shelters.pdf
Mason, Bernard S. - Woodsmanship (1954).pdf
McPherson, John & Gina - Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living (2008).pdf
Mears, Raymond - The Survival Handbook: A Practical Guide to Woodcraft & Woodlore (1990).pdf
Miller, Warren H. - Boys' Book of Hunting and Fishing (1916).pdf
(MM) Never Say Die Canadian Survival Manual.pdf
(MM) Ranger Handbook (2006).pdf
(MM) Survival Evasion and Recovery - MCRP 3-02H (1999).pdf
(MM) Survival Manual - FM 3-05.70 (2002).pdf
(MM) Wiseman, John - SAS Survival Handbook: Revised Edition (2009).pdf
Nessmuk (Sears, George W.) - Woodcraft & Camping (1887).pdf
Oelslager, R.W. - Bushcraft Scouting and Woodlore Notes.pdf
Perron, Richard - The Survival Bible (2001).pdf
Pewtherer, Michael - Wilderness Survival Handbook (2010).pdf
Piven, Joshua and Bordenicht, David - The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook (1999).pdf
Ritter, Doug - psk_bonus.pdf
Ritter, Doug - psk_survival_instructions_0206.pdf
Roberts, Charles G.D. - The Backwoodsmen (1909).pdf
Roberts, Harry - The Tramp's Hand-book (1907).pdf
Seton, Ernest Thompson - Book of Woodcraft & Indian Lore (1921).pdf
Seton, Ernest Thompson - Sign Talk (1918).pdf
Stroud, Les - Survive (2008).pdf
Taylor, J.L.B. - Handbook for Rangers and Woodsmen (1916).pdf
Thoreau, Henry David - Walden or, Life in the Woods (1854).pdf
Townsend, Chris - The Backpacker's Handbook (3rd Edition).pdf
Van Dyke, Theodore S. - The Still-Hunter (1904).pdf
Watson, James - Confessions of a Poacher (1890).pdf
Woodcock, E.N. - Fifty Years a Hunter and Trapper (1913).pdf

(article) Base Camp Hygiene and Health.pdf
(article) First Aid - Animal Bites.pdf
(article) First Aid - Bee Stings.pdf
(article) First Aid - Blisters.pdf
(article) First Aid - Burns.pdf
(article) Home Remedies.pdf
(article) Survival Podcast - Medicinal Plant ID and Use Guide.pdf
Auerbach, Paul S. - Wilderness Medicine (Fifth Edition)(2007).pdf
Coffee, Hugh L. - Ditch Medicine, Advanced Field Procedures for Emergencies (1993).pdf
Dickson, Murray - Where There is No Dentist (2010).pdf
(ebook) A Complete Handbook of Nature Cures (1999).pdf
(ebook) Herbal Medicine.pdf
(ebook) Wilderness EMS Institute - Personal Wilderness Medical Kit (1999).pdf
Henkel, Alice - American Medicinal Leaves & Herbs (1911).pdf
Hopkinson, Alvin - Holistic Alternative Medicine 101.pdf
(MM) Edible & Medicinal Plants (US Army Field Survival Manual 21 - 76 Appendix B).pdf
(MM) Field Hygiene and Sanitation (FM 21-10 MCRP 4-11.1D)(2000).pdf
(MM) First Aid (Multi-Service)(2002).pdf
(MM) NATO Emergency War Surgery.pdf
(MM) Wilderness Medicine Course (2002).pdf
(OM) Bush Med Care Made Simple.pdf
(OM) Maintaining Health.pdf
Ramawat, K.G. - Herbal Drugs, Ethnomedicine to Modern Medicine (2009).pdf
Survival Medicine (2005).pdf
Werner, David - Where There is No Doctor (2010).pdf
Wolfe, Frankie Avalon - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Herbal Remedies (1999).pdf

Mclaren, Peter - Axe Manual.pdf
(OM) Advanced Axe Selection.pdf
(OM) Axes-and-hatchets.pdf
(OM) Hatchet-Edge-Guards.pdf
(OM) Hatchets-continued-2.pdf
(OM) Hatchets-continued-3.pdf
(OM) Hatchets-continued-4.pdf
(OM) Hatchets.pdf
(OM) How-to-assess-and-fix-an-axe.pdf
Thurman, John - The Scout and his Axe (1963).pdf
Valade, R.E. - A Basic Manual on Tomahawk Throwing (2003).pdf
Weisgerber, Bernie - An Axe to Grind: A Practical Axe Manual (1999).pdf

Hibben, Gil - The Complete Gil Hibben Knife Throwing Guide (2nd Ed.)(1998).pdf
(OM) Crooked Knives.pdf
(OM) Handling and Working with Knives.pdf
Richardson, F.M. Mulford - Advanced Knife Work (1906).pdf
Richardson, F.M. Mulford - Elementary Knife Work (1906).pdf

(article) Knife Sharpening.pdf
(OM) Cheap Knives and Sharpener.pdf
(OM) Convex Profiling and Sharpening by Hand.pdf
(OM) Sharpening a Crooked, Hook or Bent Knife.pdf
(OM) Sharpening and Reprofiling.pdf
(OM) Sharpening Experiences.pdf

Color Key to North American Birds (1903).pdf
Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America (2005).pdf
Reed, Chester A. - The Bird Book Illustrated (1914).pdf
D.W. Fischer, A.E. Bessette - Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America (1992).pdf
Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of the World (2003).pdf
Fergus, C. Leonard & Charles - Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of the Northeast (2003).pdf
Harris, Bob - Growing Wild Mushrooms (1989).pdf
McKnight, Kent H. & Vera B. - Peterson Field Guide to Mushrooms (1987).pdf
Stamets, Paul - The Mushroom Cultivator: A Practical Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home.pdf
Taylor, Thomas - Student's Hand-Book of Mushrooms of America: Edible and Poisonous (1897).pdf

(article) Krautwurst, Terry - Secrets Of Watching Wildlife.pdf
Beard, Daniel Carter - Dan Beard's Animal Book and Camp-fire Stories (1910).pdf
Benyus, Janine M. - The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Eastern United States (1989).pdf
Benyus, Janine M. - The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Western United States (1989).pdf
DK Publishing - The Practical Naturalist (2010).pdf

Kaufman Field Guide to Butterflies of North America (2006).pdf
Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America (2007).pdf

Kaufman Field Guide to Mammals of North America (Twelfth Edition)(2007).pdf

(article) Plant Identification.pdf
(article) Raven's Nest Plant List.pdf
(article) Survival Podcast - Medicinal Plant ID and Use Guide.pdf
Culpeper's Complete Herbal.pdf
Deschauer, Thomas - Illustrated Phytotherapy - Volume I (1945).pdf
Deschauer, Thomas - Illustrated Phytotherapy - Volume II (1945).pdf
Duke, James A. - Handbook of Medicinal Herbs (Second Ed.)(2002).pdf
(ebook) Herbal Medicine.pdf
(ebook) Wild Edible Plants.pdf
Elias, Thomas & Dykeman, Peter - Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide (1982).pdf
Fernald, Merritt Lyndon - Edible Wild Plants of Eastern North America (no images).pdf
Henkel, Alice - American Medicinal Leaves & Herbs (1911).pdf
Henslow, G. - Poisonous Plants in Field and Garden (Complete)(1901).pdf
Hulme, F. Edward - Wild Fruits of the Countryside (1902).pdf
Kallas, John - Edible Wild Plants - Wild Foods From Dirt To Plate (2010).pdf
Medsger, Oliver Perry - Edible Wild Plants (1962).pdf
(MM) Edible & Medicinal Plants (US Army Field Survival Manual 21 - 76 Appendix B).pdf
Newberry, J.S. - Food & Fiber Plants of the North American Indians (1887).pdf
Saunders, Charles Francis - Useful Wild Plants of The United States and Canada (1920)
Sweet, Muriel - Common Edible and Useful Plants of the West (1962).pdf
Thayer, Samual - Forager's Harvest: A Guide to Identifying Harvesting & Preparing Edible Wild Plants (2006).pdf
Saunders, Charles Francis - Useful Wild Plants of The United States and Canada (1920):

(article) Identifying & Using Fatwood in the Bush.pdf
Keeler, Harriet - Our Native Trees and How to Identify Them.pdf
Lounsberry, Alice - A Guide to the Trees.pdf
PA Common Trees.pdf
Rogers, Julia Ellen - Trees Worth Knowing.pdf

Brittanica Illustrated Science Library - Rocks and Minerals.pdf
Lahee - Field Geology (1916).pdf
Lyell, Sir Charles - A Manual of Elementary Geology.pdf
Svarney, Patricia Barnes- & Thomas E. - The Handy Geology Answer Book.pdf

(article) Layton, Ron - Cordage in North America.pdf
(BSA) Knotting for Scouts (1967).pdf
(BSA) Troop 24 PA - Pioneering Knots and Lashings.pdf
Budworth, Geoffrey - The Complete Book of Decorative Knots (1998).pdf
Budworth, Geoffrey - The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots and Ropework (2002).pdf
Gibson, Charles E. - Handbook of Knots & Splices (1963).pdf
International Guild of Knot Tyers - Knot Charts.pdf
(MM) Military Mountaineering (FM 3-97-61_c1)(2003).pdf
(MM) Rigging Techniques, Procedures, And Applications (FM 5-125)(2001).pdf
Smith, Phil D. - Knots for Mountaineering, Camping, Climbing, Utility, Rescue, Etc. (1983).pdf
Stone, Martin - What Knot? Useful Knots for Scouting and Climbing (2006).pdf
Sykes, A.L. - Rope and Twine Information (1917).pdf

(article) Celestial Navigation Basics.pdf
(BSA) Blandford, P.W. - Scout Mapping (1963).pdf
(BSA) Pathfinding Merit Badge Pamphlet (1927).pdf
(BSA) Sparrow, Kenneth C. - Surveying & Mapping Simplified (1941).pdf
(BSA) The Boyscout Series #7: Map & Compass (1964).pdf
Burch, David - Emergency Navigation (2008).pdf
Kjellstrom, Bjorn - Be Expert with Map and Compass (3rd Ed.)(2010).pdf
(MM) Map Reading & Land Navigation (FM 3-25-26_c1)(2006).pdf
(OM) Navigation Tips.pdf

Gill, Anna A. - Practical Basketry.pdf
Indian basket weaving by Navajo School of Indian Basketry.pdf

(article) Candle_Making.pdf
(article) DIY Meteor Bivvi.pdf
(article) DIY Paracord Handle Wrap.pdf
(article) Making_Charcoal.pdf
(article) Making_Soap.pdf
(BSA) Gilcraft - Sparetime Activities for Scouts and Others.pdf
Hoffman - Woodsman Crafts (1910).pdf
Miller, Warren H. - The Sportsman's Workshop (1923).pdf
(OM) Poncho-Pouch.pdf

(OM) Braided Leather Knife Lanyard.pdf
(OM) Dangling Knife Sheath.pdf
(OM) Hotwaxing Leather Sheaths.pdf
(OM) Knife Sheath.pdf
Scrivano, Sandy - Sewing with Leather and Suede.pdf
Stohlman, Al - The Art of Hand Sewing Leather (1977).pdf
Stohlman, Al - The Art of Making Leather Cases Vol.1 (1979).pdf
Stohlman, Al - The Art of Making Leather Cases Vol.2 (1983).pdf
Stohlman, Al - The Art of Making Leather Cases Vol.3 (1987).pdf

(article) Absolute Cheapskate Way to Start Making Knives.pdf
(article) Baugh, Dick - The Miracle of Steel Heat Treatment.pdf
(article) Baugh, Dick - The Shade Tree Knife Mechanic (2000).pdf
(article) Silvester, J.W.H. - Blacksmithing Basics (2007).pdf
Boye, David - Step-by-Step Knifemaking.pdf
Friese, John F. - Farm Blacksmithing (1921).pdf
Gaston, Bert - Elementary Metallurgy and Basic Heat Treating for Carbon and Alloy Steels (2004).pdf
Hoffman, Harold - The Advance Knife Makers Manual (2000).pdf
Knife Templates 01.pdf
Knife Templates 02.pdf
Knife Templates 03.pdf
M.T. Richards Publishing - Practical Blacksmithing: Volume IV (1891).pdf
(OM) Knife-making-tutorial-part-1.pdf
(OM) Knife-making-tutorial-part-2.pdf
(OM) Making-a-Strong-Hook-Knife.pdf
Popular Mechanics - How to Build a Forge (1941).pdf

(article) Old time clothing.pdf
Barnes, Lexi - Sew What! Bags (2009).pdf
Colgrove, Debbie - Teach Yourself Visually Sewing (2006).pdf
Hardy, Emma - Sewing in no Time (2008).pdf
Smith, Alison - The Sewing Book (2009).pdf

(ebook) Flintknapping: Basic Concepts.pdf
(ebook) Flintknapping.pdf

(OM) Spoon Carving Tutorial.pdf

11 Steps to Survival - Canada Emergency Measures Organization (1969).pdf
(article) CSK_Survival_Kit.pdf
(article) Disinfecting After the Flood.pdf
(article) Mini Urban Survival Kit.pdf
(article) Time Magazine - Common Sense Guide to Being Prepared (2001).pdf
Benson, Ragnar - Modern Weapons Caching (1990).pdf
Benson, Ragnar - Ragnars Urban Survival.pdf
Benson, Ragnar - The Modern Survival Retreat: A New and Vital Approach to Retreat Theory and Practice (1998).pdf
Benson, Ragnar - The Survival Retreat: A Total Plan for Retreat Defense.pdf
Clayton, Bruce M. - Life After Doomsday: Survivalists Guide to Major Disaster.pdf
(ebook) Emergency Preparedness Center - How to Prepare for Any Disaster (2001).pdf
(ebook) LDS Preparedness Manual (2008).pdf
(ebook) Mormon Emergency Preparation (1997).pdf
FEMA_At Home in the Woods (2004).pdf
FEMA_Emergency_Plan_REV_6_0 (2011).pdf
FEMA_Emergency_Supplies_Checklist_3 (2011).pdf
FEMA_Emergency Survival Safety Preparations - Food And Water In An Emergency.pdf
FEMA_Family Disaster Supplies Kit.pdf
FEMA_Home Fallout Survival Shelter Plan H-12-1 WW Construction Guide.pdf
FEMA_National Security Emergencies.pdf
FEMA_"Preparing_Makes_Sense, Get Ready Now"_Brochure (2011).pdf
(MM) Special Forces Caching Techniques - TC 31-29A.pdf
(OM) Fasting-facts.pdf
Spigarelli, Jack A. - Crisis Preparedness Handbook (2002).pdf

0-Kephart, Horace - Camp Cookery (1910).pdf
DIY - Improvised Grain Mill.pdf
Emergency Food Preparation.pdf
solar cooking box.pdf
survival cooking.PDF

Backpack Gourmet.pdf
(BSA) The Scouts' Cook Book (1961).pdf
Quilt Inn Country Cookbook.pdf
The Back-Country Recipe Book.pdf
Young, Nikki - Paleo Eating For Modern People (2010).pdf
Young, Nikki - Recipes for the 21st Century Hunter Gatherer (2010).pdf

Gardening - Planning A Home Or Farm Vegetable Garden.pdf
Raised Bed Garden Book - John McLaughlin and Adrian Hunsberger (2002).pdf
Roberto, Keith - How-To Hydroponics (ver. 4.1)(2005).pdf

Dardick, Geeta - Home Butchering and Meat Preservation (1986).pdf
DIY - Building a Solar Food Dryer.pdf
DIY - How To Build A Solar Food Dehydrater.pdf
DIY - Jerky Drier Instructions.pdf
The Meat Smoking and Curing FAQ.pdf

DIY - Build_a_Hand_Pump.pdf
DIY - Home_Made_Berkey_Water_Filter.pdf

DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner.pdf
Emery, Carla - The_Encyclopedia_of_Country_Living (9th Edition)(2003).pdf
Foxfire_Vol_1 (1972).pdf
McBay, Aric - Tools for Gridcrash in the Wake.pdf
Seymour, John - The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency.pdf
Stein, Mathew - When Technology Fails - A Manual for Self Reliance and Planetary Survival (2000).pdf
Strawbridge, Dick & James - Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century, 2010 Edition.pdf
Thurman, John - Progressive Pioneering (1964).pdf
US Forest Service - Handtools For Trail Work.pdf
Vegetable_Gardening_Encyclopedia (Growing • Canning • Freezing • Drying • Storing).pdf
YMCA - Handbook for Pioneers (1919).pdf

(article) Curtis, Rick - OA Guide to Animal Tracking.pdf
(article) Curtis, Rick - OA Guide to Nature Observation & Stalking (1995).pdf
Brown, Tom - Science and Art of Tracking (1999).pdf
Brunner, Josef - Tracks and Tracking (1909).pdf
(BSA) Gilcraft - Training in Tracking (1927).pdf
(BSA) Stalking Merit Badge Pamphlet (1942).pdf
(MM) Tracking (FM 21-75 Appendix E).pdf
Murie, Olaus J - A Field Guide to Animal Tracks (2nd Ed.)(1974).pdf