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The Brainwashing Manual by L Ron Hubbard

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The text upon which modern Scientology was built

This book is a synthesis of information gathered through observation, discussion, investigation and experience over the last ten years. I cannot entirely vouch for its authenticity. Disclosure of the sources from which it is drawn would undoubtedly lead to great difficulties for them. And in matters of this kind the Soviet is not accustomed to the issuance of validations. Having compiled this volume I did not easily discover any method of distributing it since my own facilities and finances are, as is customary with professors, necessarily limited. Further, the placement of this volume in anyone's hands constituted to some degree a considerable risk to myself until I realized that there actually were two American groups in the field of mental science who were entirely above suspicion, particularly since they were often mentioned as Soviet targets by my informers and were mentioned in the actual text of this book as being antipathetic to this Soviet programme. These two groups were the Christian Scientists and the Dianeticists. Christian Science is an American Religion, intensely patriotic. Dianetics is the only entirely American development in the field of the human mind. Knowing from my information sources that Dianetics and Christian Science and their people have experienced years of mauling and defamation at Communist hands, I am submitting to these organizations this work.

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