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Brain-O (II) Final 4 Sections (2012.04.20)

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Brain-O (II) Final 4 Sections (2012)

This film is an epic production that deals with the subtly of the adversary of all mankind; satan. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a Christian or an agnostic; we all have the same adversary if the final goal of that person is to do great harm (death) unto you. The adversary uses some of yours and my favorite things to subliminally (a synonym of the word subtle) advertise beliefs to us.

I will show you marketing techniques that use sex and/or theologies to sell you. Whether it is subtle displacement, product placement, or theology placement they (the marketers) are trying to “sell” you. The Bible makes it clear; you either serve God or the Devil. God declares you are a child of Light or a child of darkness, a sheep or a goat, and a wheat or a tare.

Marketing is a part of every facet of our society. From the time a child is born, they are marketed. New age visualization, astral projection, and disgusting sex acts are placed in commercials, sitcoms, talk shows, and even in children’s cartoons. If you can stomach the length of this film you will be stronger than most. Do not let the images you see in this film frighten you…unless you don’t know the Lord.

Included here are the final 4 sections (4-7) and soundtrack.


Section 4:
“The All Seeing Eye of Who?”
Exploring the ideas shrouding the origins of the “all-seeing eye”. Is it the eye of Hours (RA), Lucifer, or God? The Catholics claim it is the eye of God, the freemasons claim it is the eye of Lucifer. You will see video evidence to show you how and why they show their god.

Section 5:
“The Not So New World Order”
The “new world order” is not new at all. Watch traitors to the United States and other countries around the world sell their own people out at a chance to be in the utopian society they are striving to create.

Section 6:
“Despisers of Them That Are Good”
Evolution is a theory with no hypothesis so theretofore it cannot be scientifically tested. Why then is it taught as absolute fact from grades k-12? Homosexuality is becoming more than just a passing fad, as it too is taught in grades k-12 under the guise of diversity. God has been removed from every institution in America, and I believe soon it will be made illegal to preach the Word of God as it is written. After watching street preachers being arrested you will have to concur.

Section 7:
“Jesus Christ Our Life, Love, Lord and God”
A message for believers first and to give you a freshness of spirit when we hear what things God has done and will continue to do for we believers ON Jesus Christ.

Subjects in these sections are: In Living Color, The Never Ending Story, Glee, Superman, Lucis Trust, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Aeon Flux, Metal Gear, Grand Theft Auto, Deus Ex, Sponge Bob, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Resident Evil, Legend of Zelda, X-men First Class, Red Bull,Freemason, Monty Python, G.I. Joe, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Drop Dead Fred, The Labyrinth, Adventure Time, Conan, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Family Guy, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Dragon Ball Z, Smurfs, Ren & Stimpy, Tom & Jerry, Galaxy Rangers; Beavis & Butthead, Sonic the Hedgehog, Simpsons, Daffy Duck and the Looney Toons, Bill & Mandy, Freakazoid, Animaniacs, Carebears, Sailormoon, Jem & The Holograms, Invader Zim, Duckman, Popeye, Power Puff Girls, The Adventures of Mark Twain, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, V for Vendetta, The Watchmen, Batman, Superman, The Invisibles, Aleister Crowley, New World Order, Magic, Magick, Sex, Witchcraft, Yu Gi Oh, Desperate Housewives, The Homosexual Agenda in Public Schools, Sigil Magick, Hand Signs, Commercials, Michael Aquino, Psyop, MindWar, Ted Bundy, Blair Witch Project, Witches, Secret Circle, Witch Mountain, Enchanted, Manly P. Hall, Albert Pike, Captain Planet, Ted Turner, Ducktales, W.i.t.c.h., David Bowie, Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Theosophical Society, Freemasonry, New Age Movement, Gay movement, Evolution, Creationism, Little Monsters, Elektra, Call of Duty, Son of Satan, Legend, Avatar, Doom, Lucifer, Dawn, He-Man, Spawn, MTV, Harry Potter, Gay dating shows, House, My Two Dads, Wizard of Oz, The Craft, Wicked, Bewitched, Deluder satan law, Cyberchase, Abortions, Aids, Stds, Georgia Guide stones, United Nations Conspiracy, Illuminati, world peace, Alien Invasion, The Rapture, Out On a Limb, Demons, and the Coexist Movement.

This film’s goals are simple: to show the viewers that whether or not they believe that what they put before their eyes and ears can affect them; they do. I will use a barrage of TV shows ranging from children’s cartoons to sitcoms, movies, commercials, magazines, ads, video games, and much more. It is impossible to not be influenced by a subliminal message. However, what is impossible with man is possible with God.

Written, all editing, music production and sound, graphic work, and direction all done under the guidance of the Holy Spirit by Justin Ludwig. If you know the Lord, I am your brother in Christ, and do this out of the kindness of my heart; to give glory to Whom it belongs…Jesus Christ.

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