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Books & Videos for Modern US Militias - Library Vol 4

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Books & Videos for Modern US Militias - Library Vol 4 The "unorganised" (meaning civilian organized) militia, sometimes called the "Part 2 Militia" or "Constitutional Militia", has long been the real backbone of the defense of the United States. As you will see from some of the older books in this collection, this militia was once given a great deal of care and recognition. However, since the globalist-British machinations to seize control of the US during the early twentieth century, the existence of the Part 2 militia has often been ignored or even suppressed. And no wonder. The Part 2 Militia is perhaps the single greatest deterrent to foreign control or domination of the American people. Towards the end of the twentieth century, however, the brainwashing began to wear thin, and a great revival of the Part 2 Militia is underway. Hopefully, this collection will be a positive contribution to that much needed revival. Although many of the books in this collection may seem outdated, or refer to obsolete technologies, the principles underlying the instruction are in a real sense timeless. An intelligent reader will see many ways that these materials translate in practice to more modern equipment, arms, and technologies. Also, the means available to militia members at their own expense, may actually be better reflected in some of these simpler techniques. Since the Militia may be required to act after the other branches of the military have been weakened or even collapsed, or after the economy or manufacturing of the US has been partially destroyed, basic medicine and more primitive weaponry might not be so 'obsolete' after all. And lastly, of necessity for distribution, these are works can be distributed at no charge. Some of the books deal with equipment and materials the typical part II militia member will obviously not have. However, bear in mind that part II militia may be required to operate alongside part I militia which is so equipped. Therefore, understanding of these subjects is undeniably desirable. Be good custodians of this information. Download all of them, burn them to disc, and share them with other members. Do your part to help safeguard your neighbors, your community, and the US Constitution. It is recommended that at least the more important manuals and handbooks be printed on paper, in case EMP or cyber-warfare attacks reduce the availability of such technology for accessing the books. Contributions and revisions are welcome. Be aware, however, that such an open project is vulnerable to alterations or additions by infiltrators or saboteurs wishing to discredit US militias for whatever reason. If you come across such a "Trojan" collection, please flag it as such for the benefit of others. militias Militia Training Films 5 Ballistics - Overview of Ballistics - 1948 US Army Training Film.mp4 CBR (Chemical, Biological, Radiological) Decontamination Unit 1974 US Army TF3-4899.mp4 GSR - Cassidian Modern Tactical Radar Ground Surveillance.mp4 GSR - Ground Surveillance Radar ANTPS-25 Moving Target Detection 1961.mp4 Hand to Hand Combat Part 1 of 3 - 1942 US Navy Training Film.mp4 Hand to Hand Combat Part 2 of 3 - 1942 US Navy Training Film.mp4 Hand to Hand Combat Part 3 of 3 - 1942 US Navy Training Film.mp4 Hasty Field Fortifications - Infantry 1938 US Army Training Film.mp4 How To Make A Marine Corps Fighting Hole (Shelter).mp4 M1 Garand Rifle US Caliber .30 M1 Principles of Operation 1943 US Army TF9-1172.mp4 Map Reading - Direction, Orientation, And Location With A Compass 1966.mp4 Map Reading - Map Symbols - 1966 US Army.mp4 Map Reading - Map, Compass & GPS - CleverHiker.mp4 Nuclear Fallout - When And How To Protect Yourself 1959 U S OCD.mp4 Nuclear Survival - Attack Preparedness - Survive to Fight 1968 US Air Force.mp4 Nuclear Survival - Individual Protection Against Atomic Attack 1957.mp4 PSYOP - The Invisible Sword - 1996 US Army Psychological Operations.mp4 Simple Close Combat Techniques (British 1943).mp4 Small Arms Fundamentals 1 - Cycle of Operation 1945 US Army.mp4 Small Arms Fundamentals 2 - Weapon Types 1945 US Army.mp4 Small Arms Fundamentals 3 - Semiauto and Auto Fire 1945.mp4 Survival - Escape and Evasion (British SAS Guide Part 1).mp4 Survival - Field Water Purification for Individuals and Groups - 1943 US Army.mp4 Survival - Hot Lands - Desert Climates.mp4 Survival - Land and Live in the Desert - 1945 US Army Air Forces Training Film.mp4 Survival - Living Off The Land in Temperate Regions - 1955 US Navy.mp4 Lexington Militia John Parker Lee.jpg Torrent downloaded from Torrent downloaded from - Demonoid.txt tags: militias, military, army, guns, weapons, resistance, self-defense, survival
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