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Books & Videos for Modern US Militias - Library Vol 2

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Books & Videos for Modern US Militias - Library Vol 2 The "unorganised" (meaning civilian organized) militia, sometimes called the "Part 2 Militia" or "Constitutional Militia", has long been the real backbone of the defense of the United States. As you will see from some of the older books in this collection, this militia was once given a great deal of care and recognition. However, since the globalist-British machinations to seize control of the US during the early twentieth century, the existence of the Part 2 militia has often been ignored or even suppressed. And no wonder. The Part 2 Militia is perhaps the single greatest deterrent to foreign control or domination of the American people. Towards the end of the twentieth century, however, the brainwashing began to wear thin, and a great revival of the Part 2 Militia is underway. Hopefully, this collection will be a positive contribution to that much needed revival. Although many of the books in this collection may seem outdated, or refer to obsolete technologies, the principles underlying the instruction are in a real sense timeless. An intelligent reader will see many ways that these materials translate in practice to more modern equipment, arms, and technologies. Also, the means available to militia members at their own expense, may actually be better reflected in some of these simpler techniques. Since the Militia may be required to act after the other branches of the military have been weakened or even collapsed, or after the economy or manufacturing of the US has been partially destroyed, basic medicine and more primitive weaponry might not be so 'obsolete' after all. And lastly, of necessity for distribution, these are works can be distributed at no charge. Some of the books deal with equipment and materials the typical part II militia member will obviously not have. However, bear in mind that part II militia may be required to operate alongside part I militia which is so equipped. Therefore, understanding of these subjects is undeniably desirable. Be good custodians of this information. Download all of them, burn them to disc, and share them with other members. Do your part to help safeguard your neighbors, your community, and the US Constitution. It is recommended that at least the more important manuals and handbooks be printed on paper, in case EMP or cyber-warfare attacks reduce the availability of such technology for accessing the books. Contributions and revisions are welcome. Be aware, however, that such an open project is vulnerable to alterations or additions by infiltrators or saboteurs wishing to discredit US militias for whatever reason. If you come across such a "Trojan" collection, please flag it as such for the benefit of others. militias Militia Training and Education Books Collection Militia Training and Education Books Collection 1 Army Data Sheets - Guns, Howizers, Mortars, Rifles, Gren Launchers and Arty Fuzes - tm-43-0001-28.pdf Army Leadership - Be, Know, Do - fm 22-100.pdf Basic Cold Weather Survival Manual - fm 31-70.pdf Basic Sniper Training US Navy Seals.pdf Battle Focused Training - fm 7-1.pdf Booby Traps - fm 5-31.pdf Close Combat - mcrp 3-02b.pdf Combatives - Bayonet and Hand-to-Hand Fighting (Basic and Advanced) - fm 3-25.150.pdf Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain - fm 3-06.11.pdf Counter Sniper Guide.pdf Fire Support Coordination in The Ground Combat Element - mcwp 3-16.pdf Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals - fm 3-23.30.pdf Guerilla Warfare and Special Forces Operations - fm 31-21.pdf Hand to Hand Combat 1954 - fm 21-150 - 1954 b.pdf Hand to Hand Combat 1954 - fm 21-150 - 1954.pdf Hand to Hand Combat 1971 (Deal the First Deadly Blow) (1971) - fm 21-150.pdf Improvised Munitions (and Firearms) Handbook - tm 31-210.pdf Infantry Live Fire Training - tc 7-9.pdf Kill or Get Killed - fmfrp 12-80.pdf Map Reading and Land Navigation - fm 3-25.26.pdf Medical Evacuation in a Theater of Operations - fm 8-10-6.pdf Military Basics Electronics Course - t-2819070.pdf Military Explosives - tm 9-1300-214 .pdf Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) - mcwp 3-35.3.pdf Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Reconnaissance - mcwp 3-37.4.pdf Operator's Manual For M16, M16A1 - tm 9-1005-249-10.pdf Opposing Force Doctrinal Framework and Strategy - fm 7-100.pdf Physical Security - fm 3-19.30.pdf Pistol Marksmanship - mcrp 3-01b.pdf Rear Area Operations - mcwp 3-41.1.pdf Rifle Marksmanship - mcrp 3-01a.pdf Rifle Marksmanship -m16a1 m16a2-3 m16a4 and m4 carbine - fm 3-22.9.pdf Scouting Patrolling and Sniping - fm 21-75 - 1944.pdf Small Arms Ammunition to 30 Millimeter Inclusive - tm-9-1305-201-34.pdf Sniper Rifle Cal.30 M1 and M1D - tm 9-1005-222-35.pdf Sniper Training - fm 23-10.pdf Sniping US Marine Corps - fm 1-3b.pdf Soldier's Handbook for Individual Operations and Survival in Cold-Weather Areas - tc 21-3.pdf Special Forces Sniper Training and Employment - fm 3-05.222.pdf Special Reconnaissance Tactics Techniques - Procedures for Special Forces - fm 31-20-5.pdf Survival - mcrp 3-02f fm 21-76.pdf Survival Evasion and Recovery - mcrp 3-02h.pdf Tactical Employment of Antiarmor Platoons and Companies - fm 3-21.91.pdf Tactical Level Logistics - mcwp 4-11.pdf Tactics - fm 3-90 - 2001.pdf The Infantry Battalion - fm 7-20.pdf Training for Mobilization and War - fm 25-.pdf Training the Force - fm 7-0.pdf Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties - mcrp 4-11.1c.pdf Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques - Incendiaries - tm 31-201-1.pdf Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques - References - tm 31-200-1.pdf US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook - st 31-91b.pdf US Marine Corps - Hand to Hand Combat.pdf US Marine Corps - MWTC Winter Survival Course Handbook.pdf Militia Training and Education Books Collection 2 40mm Grenade Launcher M203 February 2003 - version 2 - fm 3-22.31.pdf Aidmans Medical Guide FM 8-36 - fm 8-36.pdf Antiarmor Operations - mcwp 3-15.5.pdf Antipersonnel Mine M18A1 and M18 (Claymore) - fm 23-23.pdf Antitank Grenade Launcher - rpg-7.pdf Battlefield Weather Effects - fm 34-81-1.pdf Browning Machine Gun Caliber .50 HB, M2 - fm 23-65.pdf Camouflage, Concealment, and Decoys - fm 20-3.pdf Civil Disturbance Operations - fm 3-19.15.pdf Civil Disturbances - fm 19-15.pdf Civil Disturbances - mcwp 3-33.2.pdf Combat Commanders Handbook on Intelligence - st 2-50.4.pdf Combat Leaders Guide (Leader Handbook 1997).pdf Combat Skills of the Soldier - fm 21-75.pdf Combat Stress - fm 6-22.5.pdf Combat Stress Control in a Theater of Operations - fm 8-5.pdf Combat Training with Pistols, M9 and M11 - fm 3-23.35.pdf Combined Arms Breaching Operations - fm 3-34.2.pdf Commanders Tactical Handbook - mcrp 3-11.1a.pdf Communications in a 'Come as You Are' War - fm 24-12.pdf Convoy Leader Training Handbook.pdf Counter Insurgency Operations - fm 3-07-22.pdf Counterguerilla Operations - fm 90-8.pdf Counterintelligence - fm 34-60.pdf Countermobility - fm 5-102.pdf Crew Served Machine Guns, 5.56-mm and 7.62-mm - fm 3-22.68.pdf Desert Operations - 24 August 1993 (8) - fm 90-3.pdf Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.pdf DIVISION AND BRIGADE SURGEONS' HANDBOOK - fm 4-02.21.pdf Explosive Behavior - AMCP 706-180.pdf Explosive Ordnance Disposal - mcwp 3-17.2.pdf Explosives and Demolitions 1967 - fm 5-25.pdf Explosives and Demolitions 1992 - fm 5-250.pdf Explosives Data - amcp 706-177.pdf Field Behavior of NBC Agents - fm 3-6.pdf Field Hygiene and Sanitation - fm 21-10 mcrp 4-11.1d.pdf First Aid - mcrp 3-02g.pdf First Aid For Soldiers - fm 21-11.pdf Flamethrower, Portable, M2A1-7 - tm 3-1040-204-14.pdf FMFM1A 4th Generation Warfare.pdf Foot Marches - fm 21-18.pdf Force Health Protection Nutrition and Exercise Manual.pdf Geographic Intelligence - mcwp 2-26.pdf Ground Combat Operations - mcwp 3-1.pdf Handbook For Joint Urban Ops.pdf Historical Study - Night Combat.pdf How to Conduct Training - mcrp 3-0b.pdf Human Factor Considerations of Undergrounds in Insurgencies - pa 550-104.pdf Improvised Munitions Handbook 1969 (Department of the Army) - tm 21-210 - 1969.pdf Infantry Rifle Company - fm 7-10.pdf Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad - fm 7-8.pdf Infantry-Based Opposing Force - fm 100-63.pdf Intelligence Interrogation - fm 34-52.pdf Intelligence Officer's Handbook - fm 34-8-2.pdf Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield - fm 34-130.pdf Light Anti-Armor Weapons - fm 3-23-25.pdf LSRU Night Movements - fm 7-93-j.pdf M16A2 Maintenance & Repair Manual - tm 9-1005-319-23 m16a2.pdf M72 LAW Operators Manual - tm-9-1340-214-10.pdf Machine Guns and Machine Gunnery - mcwp 3-15.1.pdf MAGTF Breaching Operations - mcwp 3-17.3.pdf Marine Rifle Company - fm 6-4.pdf Marine Rifle Squad - mcwp 3-11.2.pdf Medical Platoon Leaders' Handbook - fm 4-02.4.pdf Mine Countermine Operations - fm 20-32.pdf Mines and Boobytraps - fmfrp 12-43.pdf Mission Training Plan for the Infantry Rifle Company - artep 7-10.pdf Mortar Gunnery - mcrp 3-15.2b.pdf Mortars - mcrp 3-15.2a.pdf Mountain Operations - fm 3-97.6.pdf Movement Control - fm 4-01.30.pdf NBC Decontamination - mcwp 3-37.3wch1.pdf Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Protection - mcwp 3-37.2.pdf Operations - Offensive, Defensive, Joint, and Combined - fm 100-5.pdf Operations Against Irregular Forces - fm 31-15.pdf Operations in a Low Intensity Conflict - fm 7-98.pdf Operator's Manual M9, 9mm Handgun - tm 9-1005-317-10.pdf Packaging of Materiel - Preservation - fm 38-700.pdf Performance Through Nutrition and Exercise.pdf Physical Fitness Training - fm 21-20.pdf Radiation Protection - em385-1-80.pdf Radio Operator's Handbook - fm 24-19.pdf Raid Operations - mcwp 3-43.1.pdf Ranger Handbook (2000) - sh 21-76.pdf Ranger Unit Operations - fm 7-85.pdf Rappelling - tc 21-24.pdf Reconaissance and Surveillance and Intelligence Support to Counterreconaissance - fm 34-2-1.pdf Reconaissance Reports Guide - mcrp 2-25a.pdf Reconnisance Surveillance Intelligence - fm 34-2-1.pdf Remote Sensor Operations - mcrp 2-24b.pdf Scout Platoon - fm 17-98.pdf Scouting and Patrolling - mcwp 3-11.3.pdf Silencers - Principles and Evaluations.pdf Small Unit Night Fighter Manual.pdf Small Wars - mcwp 5-4.pdf Supporting Arms Observer, Spotter and Controller - mcwp 3-16.6.pdf Survivability (Bunkers, Trenches, and Foxholes) - fm 5-103.pdf Tactical Employment of Mortars - fm 6-19.pdf Tactical Human Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operations - st 2-22.7.pdf Tactical Radios - fm 6-02.72.pdf Tactical Single Channel Radio Communications Techniques - fm 24-18.pdf Tactics - fm 3-90 tactics 2001.pdf Tactics - mcdp 1-3 tactics.pdf Tank Platoon - fm 17-15.pdf Terrain Analysis - fm 5-33.pdf The Guerilla and How to Fight Him - fmfrp 12-25.pdf The Law of Land Warfare - fm 27-10.pdf Topographic Operations (Digital Maps, GPS, and Topography) - fm 3-34.230.pdf TRADOC Pamphlet 600-4 Soldier's Handbook (Basic Initial Entry Training).pdf Training for Military Ops on Urban Terrain - tc 90-1.pdf Training for Urban Operations - tc 90-1.pdf Training Ranges - tc 25-8.pdf Typical Foreign Unconventional Weapons - fstc-381-4012.pdf Unconventional Warfare - Incendiaries - tm-31-201-1.pdf Unit Training Management Guide - mcrp 3-0a.pdf Viet Cong Boobytraps - p 381-11.pdf Visual Aircraft Recognition - fm 44-80.pdf Visual Signals - fm 21-60.pdf Warfighting - mcdp 1.pdf Water Storage - tm5-813-4 h2o storage.pdf Weather Operations - fm34-81.pdf Militia Training and Education Books Collection 3 A 'Catechism' on Skirmishing and Outpost Duty - Cameron 1876.pdf A Concise System of Instructions and Regulation - US Militia and Volunteers 1861.pdf A Handbook of the Manufacture and Proof of Gunpowder - London 1870.pdf A Handbook on Modern Explosives - Eissler 1858.pdf A History of Tactics - Johnstone (London) 1906.pdf A Manual for Medical Officers of the Militia of the US - Forster 1877.pdf A Manual of (Unjammable and EMP-Proof) Military Telegraphy.pdf A Manual on Explosives - Ramsay and Weston 1918.pdf A Short Account of Explosives - Marshall 1917.pdf A System of Exercise and Instruction of Artillery - USDoW 1843.pdf A System of Military Tactics Applied to (US) Infantry - Fisher 1805.pdf A System of Target Practice - Heth 1862.pdf A Treatise of Artillery - Mueller (London) 1878.pdf A Treatise on Artillery - Lallemand 1820.pdf A Treatise on Field Fortification - Mahan 1861.pdf A Treatise on Ordnance and Armor - Fabrication, Rifling, and Projectiles - Holley 1865.pdf A Treatise on Riot Duty for the National Guard - Bellows (Militia Bureau) 1920.pdf A Treatise Upon the Duties of Light Troops - Ehwald 1803.pdf Advanced Guard and Out Post - Handlling in Presence of Enemy - for Militia - Mahan 1861.pdf Advanced Guard and Out Post - Strategy and Tactics for Militia - Mahan 1873.pdf Air Service Medical Manual - GPO 1918.pdf An Act to Organize the Militia of the State of Maine (All Free Able Bodied Men) 1824.pdf Angelo's Bayonet Exercise - Parker (London) 1853.pdf Applied Minor Tactics - Morisson 1911.pdf Artillery Firing (Ballistics, Observation, Firing, Reconnaissance, Ammunition) - GPO 1918.pdf Artillery in Offensive Operations - Army War College 1917.pdf Ballistics (For Artillery Gunners) - Ingalls 1893.pdf Basic art of Field Craft - Camouflage, Concealment, Reacting, Fire - Knight.pdf Camouflage (Applied to Trench Warfare and Snipers) - US Army 1917.pdf Camouflage forTroops of the Line - US War College 1918.pdf Catechism of Military Training - Marryat 1884.pdf Chemical Manipulations - Sciences Applied to Military Art - Wisser 1883.pdf Combined Arms Obstacle Integration - fm-90-7.pdf Details of MilitaryMedical Administration - Ford 1918.pdf Explosives (Manufacture, Testing, and History) - Marshall 1915.pdf Explosives and Their Power - Berthelot, Hake, MacNab 1892.pdf Exterior Ballistics (Detailed Mathematics and Calculations) - Alger 1906.pdf Exterior Ballistics (Various Mathematical Methods) - Meigs, Ingersoll 1885.pdf Fallout from Terrorist Nuclear Detonations - Marrs 2007.pdf Field Artillery Instruction (Illustrated) - Carter, Arnold 1920.pdf Field Artillery Training - Army War College 1917.pdf Field Artillery With the Other Arms - May 1917.pdf Field Exercise and Evolutions for Use by Militia - 1854.pdf Field Service in War (Camps, Convoys, Marches, Ouposts, Foraging, etc.) - Lippitt 1869.pdf Field Service Pocket Book - United States - US Army 1917.pdf Field Tactics for Infantry (Battallion and Brigade) - Morris 1864.pdf Firearms in American History - Our Rifles - Sawyer 1920.pdf Firing Regulations (Standards and Instructions) for Small Arms - for US Army and the Militia 1904.pdf First aid to the Injured (Very Simple) - Esmarch 1882.pdf Fore-armed -- How to Build a Citizen Army - Fortescue 1916.pdf Industrial Chemistry - Explosives (Primers and Propellants) - Barnett 1919.pdf Joint Army and Militia Coast Defense Exercises - GPO, War Department 1910.pdf Management of the 03 Magazine Rifle Caliber 30 (Springfield Rifle).pdf Management of the US Magazine Rifle 30 Carbine Rifle 1898.pdf Modern Guns and Mortars (For Artillery Gunners) - Morrison and Ayres 1899.pdf Nuclear Defense Calculations - FM 3-3-1 Chptr 6.pdf Organization Training and Mobilization of Citizen Militia - Army War College 1915.pdf The Coming Battle (Accurate Prophecy of Monetary Systems and War) - Walbert 1899.pdf Militia Training and Education Books Collection 4 BOOKS FOR MODERN U.S. MILITIA - Free eBooks Library.txt Artillery Information and Terrestrial Observation 1917.pdf Causes of Failure in Large Guns and 'Hooped' Guns (Gun Design) - Wiard 1865.pdf Gas Warfare (Properties of Agents, Gas Masks, Weapons) - Farrow 1920.pdf Geography in Relation to War - May 1907.pdf Grenade Warfare - School of Grenadiers - Gay 1918.pdf Guerilla Warfare - Levy 1964.pdf Gunnery Catechism (Naval Ordnance) - Brandt 1864.pdf Gunpowder and Ammunition - Their Origin and Progress - Hime 1864.pdf Hand Book for Active Service for Volunteers - Viele 1861.pdf Handbook for Light Artillery - Dyer 1900.pdf Handbook of (Mathematical) Problems in Direct Fire - Ingalls 1893.pdf Handbook of Artillery - Including Mobile Antiaircraft and Trench - GPO 1920.pdf Hearings Before the Committee on Militia (on Militia in Foreign Service) - Congress 1908.pdf History of Anti Aircraft Guns - Dickinson 1920.pdf How to Feed an Army - US Army 1901.pdf How to Start and Train a Militia Unit - PM8--94 - Westmoreland 1994.pdf Identifying Undercover Activity and Agents - Timothy Tobiason.pdf Industria Nitrogen Compounds and Explosives - Martin, Barbour 1915.pdf Infantry Drill Regulations (ie Standards and Instructions) - United States - Stuart 1915.pdf Infantry Drill Regulations - Appendix.pdf Infantry Drill Regulations (ie Standards and Instructions) - adapted 1987 to Cal 30 Rifle.pdf Infantry Drill Regulations (ie Standards and Instructions) - Army 1916.pdf Infantry Equipment to be Provided for Organized Militia in Peace 1914.pdf Infantry Outposts - Detailed Instruction - Shaw 1884.pdf Infantry Tactics vol 2 Casey 1862.pdf Infantry Tactics vol 3 Casey 1862.pdf Ingalls Ballistic Tables 2 - Revised 1917.pdf Instruction for Heavy (Black Powder) Artillery - Army 1862.pdf Instructions and Problems in Guard Duty - Militia Affairs- Kerth 1909.pdf Instructions Concerning Battle Maps (and Conventional Signs) - McCain 1917.pdf Instructions for Making Muster Rolls and Payment - Volunteers and Militia 1863.pdf Instructions for Mountain Artillery - 1851.pdf Instructions on the Offensive Conduct of Small Units 1916.pdf Interior Ballistics and Explosives - Glennon 1894.pdf Introduction to Cryptography - PGP.pdf Leaderless Resistance - Col. Ulius Louis Amoss 1992.pdf Lectures on Chemistry and Explosives (Propellants) - Munroe 1888.pdf Lectures on Tactics for Officers of the Militia - Dyke 1891.pdf Manoeuvres for Infantry - Livermore 1888.pdf Manua of Military Training of Organized Militia - Moss 1914.pdf Manual for Army Bakers - Department of Subsistence 1910.pdf Manual for Privates of Infantry of Organized Militia - Dept of Militia Affairs 1909.pdf Manual for the Battery Commander- Heavy Artillery - Biddle 1917.pdf Manual for the Medical_Department US Army 1917.pdf Manual for the Medical_Department US Army 1918.pdf Manual for the Subsistence Department - US Army 1898.pdf Manual for the Subsistence Department - US Army 1910.pdf Manual for the Subsistence Department - US Army 1910b.pdf Manual of Bayonet Exercises - United_States Army 1907.pdf Manual of Instruction for the Volunteers and Militia - 1861.pdf Manual of Military Hygiene -1917.pdf Manual of the Militia (Provision) Laws of the State of Oregon 1861.pdf Map Maneuvers and Tactical Rides - Sayre 1912.pdf Militia Force of Missouri 1890.pdf Militia Training and Education Books Collection 5 BOOKS FOR MODERN U.S. MILITIA - Free eBooks Library.txt (Modern) Nuclear Warplan - ch3.pdf Map Reading and Military Sketching - Bond et al 1922.pdf Military Explosives (Propellants and Primers) - GPO 1919.pdf Military Map Reading - GPO 1915.pdf Military Map Reading and Sketching - Sherrill 1917.pdf Military Maps Explained - Eames 1909.pdf Military Rifle Shooting (Target Competitions) Incl Volunteer Militia.pdf Military Topography for the Mobile Force - Sherrill 1912.pdf Modern_tactics vol2.pdf National Militia Standard - Conforming to Regulations for the Army - Darrow 1822.pdf New Principles of Gunnery - Gunpowder and Air Resistance - Robins 1885 DNB.pdf Nitro Explosives - A Practical Treatise (Propellants and Primers) - Sanford 1896.pdf Notes on Anti Aircraft Guns (Anti Aircraft Improvised Mounts - War College 1917.pdf Notes on Gas as a Weapon - War College 1917.pdf Notes on Grenade Warfare - US War College 1917.pdf Notes on the Construction and Equipment of Trenches - US War College.pdf Notes on Torpedo Fuzes (Chemistry and Mechanics of Igniters) - Converse 1875.pdf Observations on the Militia System (From a Christian Point of View) - Lewis 1845.pdf Operator Manual and Parts M14 National Match - TM9-1005 1991.pdf Operator's and Organizational Maintenance - grenades TM9-1330-200-12 1971.pdf Operator's Manual for Rifle 5 56 mm M16 TM9-1005-249-10 1975 .pdf Organization Training and Mobilization of a Reserve - Army War College 1915.pdf Organization Training and Mobilization of Citizen Soldiers - Army War College 1915.pdf Physical Bases of Ballistic Table Computations (theory) - War College 1915.pdf Pistol Marksmanship - USMC 2003 - mcrp-3-01b.pdf Practical Instruction in Minor Tactics and Strategy for the Militia - Wisser 1888.pdf Practical Lessons in Reconnoitring and Outpost Duty - London 1872.pdf Provisional Small Arms Firing Manual for US Militia 1909.pdf Rapid Reconnaissance Sketching - Sherrill 1912.pdf Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics for the Militia of Utah 1865.pdf Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics vol1 - Hardee 1860.pdf Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics vol2 - Goetzel 1863.pdf Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics vol2 - Hardee 1861.pdf Rifle Marksmanship - USMC 2001 - mcrp-3-01a.pdf Rifle Range Construction - Wilson and Casey.pdf Scott's Militia Tactics - Infantry, Light Infantry, and Riflemen - Darrow 1821.pdf Seventy Problems in Infantry Tactics - Morrison 1914.pdf Standard Infantry Tactics - Reed 1887.pdf Strategic Camouflage - Solomon 1920.pdf Studies in Applied Tactics - Barth 1908.pdf Summary of the Art of War for the US Volunteer Army 1862.pdf Supplement to Artillery - Circular F (Artillery Computation Tables) - Ingalls 1893.pdf Tactical and Strategical Studies - Corps and Army 1922.pdf Tactical Decisions and Orders - Troop Leading for Individual Instruction - Buddecke 1909.pdf Tactical Examples - Helvig 1878.pdf Tactical Operations for Field Officers - Shaw 1903.pdf Tactical Principles and Decisions - Vol 1 - Marche 1920.pdf Tactical Principles and Decisions - Vol 2 - Marche 1920.pdf Tactics Applied to (Tactical) chemes - Vol 1 - Sherston et al 1907.pdf Tanks Gas Liquid Fire - Dion 1917.pdf Terrestrial Observation - US Army Artillery and Missisle 1918.pdf Training for Rifle Fire in Trench Warfare (Sniper Scopes) - US War College 1917.pdf Militia Training and Education Books Collection 6 Militia Books Collection 5 Text Book of Gunnery (Engineering Design and Manufacture) - Mackinlay 1887.pdf Text Book of Gunnery (Interior and Exterior Ballistics) - London 1907.pdf Text Book of Ordnance and Gunnery (Propellants Primers Ballistics etc) - Tschappat 1917.pdf Text Book or Ordnance and Gunnery - Ingersoll 1887.pdf The ABC of Minor Tactics for Officers and Militia - Letts 1885.pdf THE AMERICAN MILITIA AND THE ORIGIN of Conscription - a Reassessment - Hummel.pdf The American Militia Officer's Manual - Dyckman 1825.pdf The Artillerist's Manual (Illustrated) - Gibbon 1863.pdf The Field Artillery Officer's Handbook - Thomsen 1918.pdf The Hand Book of Artillery for Army and Militia - Roberts 1865.pdf The Influence of Firearms Upon Tactics - Wickham 1876.pdf The Manufacture of Explosives (Black Powder and Nitrate Raw Materials) - Guttmann 1895.pdf The Method of Numerical Integration in Exterior Ballistics - Jackson 1919.pdf The Militia - the Proper Field Force for Prevention of Invasion - London 1854.pdf The Militia of the United States - What it Has Been, What it Should Be - Lee 1864.pdf The Militia Officer's Instructor - Redway 1904.pdf The Militiaman's Manual, and Sword Play Without a Master - Berriman 1864.pdf The Organized Militia of the United States - Evaluation of Condition and Efficiency - War Dept 1898.pdf The Private Soldier's and Militia Man's Friend - Trenchard 1786.pdf The Volunteer - Movements and Exercises - for the Militia of California - Kibbe 1855.pdf Training Infantry - Morrison 1914.pdf Trench Warfare - Smith 1917.pdf U S Infantry Tactics - Presented to Volunteers and Militia - 1861.pdf Upton's Infantry Tactics - Upton 1882.pdf US Army SURVIVAL manual.PDF Militia Training and Education Books Collection 7 Tables Ballistics 7.62x39 Ammunition Characteristics.pdf 308 or 762 NATO Match Ammunition Extended Ballistics Tables.pdf BALLISTICS TABLE IN YARDS 7.62mm M118 LONG RANGE (LR) 175 gr HPBT for 24in Barrel.pdf Company Training (Militia Infantry) 1916.pdf Employment of Forward Surgical Teams - Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (2003) - fm4 02x25.pdf FIELD ARTILLERY MANUAL CANNON GUNNERY (1999) - fm6 40.pdf Information Operations - Doctrine, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (2003) fm3 13.pdf Metric-Ballistics-Chart-2012 (Hornady - All Calibers and Bullet Designs).pdf Military Art and Science - for Volunteers and Militia (1860).pdf Regulations for the (Part I, NOT Part II) Organized Militia, Under the Constitution and the Laws of the US, 1910 (1911).pdf Special Reconnaissance Tactics, Techniques Procedures For Special Forces - FM 31-20-5 .pdf Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Field Artillery Survey (1996) - fm6 2.pdf Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Observed Fire (1991) - fm6 30.pdf Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Field Artillery Cannon Battery (1996) - fm6 50.pdf THE MEDICAL COMPANY - TACTICS, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCEDURES (2002) - fm4 02x6.pdf Wounding Patterns -- Military Rifles (Useful for Wound Debridement and Treatment).pdf Lexington Militia John Parker Lee.jpg Torrent downloaded from Torrent downloaded from - Demonoid.txt tags: militias, military, army, guns, weapons, resistance, self-defense, survival
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