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Books & Videos for Modern US Militias - Library Vol 1

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Books & Videos for Modern US Militias - Library Vol 1 PLEASE NOTE: Always bear in mind that in a true emergency SHTF-situation, your PC probably won't work, and therefore you won't be able to get access to your ebooks library. Buy the books you need, print them out, or get yourself an EMP-safe laptop or iPad, powered by solar panels - or simply have the knowledge in your head where it belongs by learning your lessons in time. The "unorganised" (meaning civilian organized) militia, sometimes called the "Part 2 Militia" or "Constitutional Militia", has long been the real backbone of the defense of the United States. As you will see from some of the older books in this collection, this militia was once given a great deal of care and recognition. However, since the globalist-British machinations to seize control of the US during the early twentieth century, the existence of the Part 2 militia has often been ignored or even suppressed. And no wonder. The Part 2 Militia is perhaps the single greatest deterrent to foreign control or domination of the American people. Towards the end of the twentieth century, however, the brainwashing began to wear thin, and a great revival of the Part 2 Militia is underway. Hopefully, this collection will be a positive contribution to that much needed revival. Although many of the books in this collection may seem outdated, or refer to obsolete technologies, the principles underlying the instruction are in a real sense timeless. An intelligent reader will see many ways that these materials translate in practice to more modern equipment, arms, and technologies. Also, the means available to militia members at their own expense, may actually be better reflected in some of these simpler techniques. Since the Militia may be required to act after the other branches of the military have been weakened or even collapsed, or after the economy or manufacturing of the US has been partially destroyed, basic medicine and more primitive weaponry might not be so 'obsolete' after all. And lastly, of necessity for distribution, these are works can be distributed at no charge. Some of the books deal with equipment and materials the typical part II militia member will obviously not have. However, bear in mind that part II militia may be required to operate alongside part I militia which is so equipped. Therefore, understanding of these subjects is undeniably desirable. Be good custodians of this information. Download all of them, burn them to disc, and share them with other members. Do your part to help safeguard your neighbors, your community, and the US Constitution. It is recommended that at least the more important manuals and handbooks be printed on paper, in case EMP or cyber-warfare attacks reduce the availability of such technology for accessing the books. Contributions and revisions are welcome. Be aware, however, that such an open project is vulnerable to alterations or additions by infiltrators or saboteurs wishing to discredit US militias for whatever reason. If you come across such a "Trojan" collection, please flag it as such for the benefit of others. militias Geostrategy for the US Militia Jade Helm 2015 Instructional Materials for Militia US Militia - Medical Books Collection V1 Geopolitics for the US Militia - Understanding Enemy Intentions.mp4 Geostrategy for the US Militia - RED DAWN I and II and the Pacific Shphere.mp4 Geostrategy for the US Militia - The New Not-So-Cold War.mp4 Jade Helm for The Masses Part 1 - Are You Ready.mp4 Jade Helm for The Masses Part 2 - Do You Know YOUR Part.mp4 How To Start And Train A Militia Unit_text.pdf How To Start And Train A Militia Unit.pdf Police State Planning - The Roadmap To Modern Global Dictatorship.pdf Militia and Survival A Complete Handbook of Nature Cures.pdf Adventurer Woodstravel Module.pdf Aids to Survival WA Police Academy Manual.pdf Alpine Living 2008 Slideshow.pdf Anticancer Therapeutics.pdf Arctic SubArctic SurvivalB GL 323 003 FP 001.pdf Army fm3 06 Urban Operations.pdf Army fm5 103 Survivability.pdf Army fm20 3 Camouflage Concealment and Decoys.pdf Army fm31 70 Basic Cold Weather Manual.pdf Army stp21 1 Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 1.pdf Army stp21 24 Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 2 3 and 4.pdf Australian Bushcraft.pdf Backcountry Cookbook.pdf basic food preparation.pdf Big Book of Homemade Weapons.pdf Boys Book of Hunting and Fishing 1916 8944101.pdf boyscout cookbook.pdf Bushcraft Canadian Scout Manual PO 403.pdf bushcraft leather work.pdf Camp Life In The Woods And The Tricks Of Trapping And Trap Making.pdf Canadian Military FieldCraft.pdf Canning Meat Wild Game Poultry Fish Safely .pdf CIA Simple Sabatoge Field Manual 1.pdf Combat Guerrila Survival Skills The Bear Went Over the Mountain.pdf Combat Skills of the Soldier fm2175.pdf Combat Survival Guerrila Skills Handbook of the Red Chinese.pdf Common Edible Mushrooms.pdf Crow Indian Recipes Herbal Medicines.pdf Dale Pendell Pharmako Poeia.pdf Ditch Medicine Advanced Field Procedures For Emergencies 1993.pdf DOD Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Manual.pdf Edible and Medicinal Plants.pdf Edible Wild Plants.pdf Emergency War Surgery.pdf Essentials of Archery.pdf Ethnobotany of the Forest Indians.pdf FEMA Emergency Gassifer 1.pdf Food Storage for Survival.pdf Full First Aid Manual FM 2111.pdf Get Tough British Hand to Hand Fighting 1943.pdf Healing Pets With Alternative Medicine.pdf Herbal Physician Desk Reference.pdf Homemade Tracer Ammo.pdf How to Build a Debris Hut.pdf How to Find Your Way.pdf How to Start and Train a Militia Unit PM 94 1.pdf Knots for Mountaineering Camping Climbing Utility Rescue Etc.pdf Marine Land Navigation.pdf Marines Individual Terrorism Survival.pdf Medical Survival Wound Closure Manual.pdf Medicinal Plants in Folk Tradition 2004 Allen Hatfield.pdf Mountain Operations FM3976.pdf NEWER US ARMY FM 21 76 Survival 2002.pdf Practical Unarmed Combat by Moshe Feldenkrais.pdf Preserving_Game_Meats Clemenson HGIC.pdf Pressure Points Military Hand to Hand Combat Guide.pdf Radio Monitoring a How to Guide.pdf Ranger Unit Operations Fm785.pdf Rappelling TC2124.pdf Rifle Marksmanship Expanded MCRP31a.pdf Shelters Shacks Shanties Daniel Carter Beard.pdf Special Forces Caching Techniques TC 3129A.pdf Survival and Ausetre Medicine 2005.pdf Survival Edible Medicinal Plants.pdf survival how to make herbal preparations.pdf survival personal wilderness medical kit.pdf Survival Water Purification.pdf Survival Wilderness Survival.pdf Surviving Terrorism.pdf The Book of Camplore and Woodcraft Dan Beard.pdf The Jerky Chef.pdf The Making of Leather by Procter Makingofleather00procrich.pdf The Ten Bushcraft Books.pdf The Unofficial MacGyver HowTo Handbook Revised 2nd Edition.pdf Traps and Snares Illustrated Manual.pdf Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living.pdf United States Marine Corps Fmfrp 12185 April 1989Mao Guerrila Warfare.pdf Urban Preparation Kit Part I On.pdf US Army Combat Training w Pistols fm 323x35.pdf US Army Combatives handtohand combat FM 325 150.pdf US Army How to Kill Tanks.pdf US Marine Corp Pistol Markmanship.pdf US Marines Close Quarters Combat Manual FMFM 07.pdf Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada.pdf USMC MCRP 301A Rifle Marksmanship.pdf USMC Summer Survival Course.pdf USMC Winter Survival Course.pdf WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Vol 2.pdf WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Vol 3.pdf WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 4.pdf WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants.pdf Wilderness Evasion a Guide to Hiding Out and Eluding Pursuit in Remote Areas.pdf Wilderness Survival Skills(2).pdf Woodsman Ship Using Tools of the Woodsman 1954.pdf Militia Rifle Squad 01 Light Weapon Infantryman Part I - Rifle squad in Attack (1965).flv 03 Rifle Platoon in the Attack.flv 04 WW2 Battle Formations - The Rifle Platoon (1942).flv 02 Light Weapon Infantryman Part II - Rifle squad in Defense (1965).mp4 05 WW2 - The German Infantry Squad in Action.mp4 06 Squad Movement Formations - Techniques.mp4 Militia Training Extended 01 How to Shoot the M1 Garand Rifle - Rapid Fire Part 1 of 2 - Army Training Movie.flv 02 How to Shoot the M1 Garand Rifle - Rapid Fire Part 2 of 2 - Army Training.flv 03 How to Shoot the M1 Garand Rifle - Shooting Positions - Part 1 of 2 - Army Training.flv 04 How to Shoot the M1 Garand Rifle - Shooting Positions Part 2 of 2 - Army Training.flv 82nd Airborne Enhanced Battle Rifle - Designated Marksman Range Estimation.flv 82nd Airborne Enhanced Battle Rifle Marksmanship.flv Basic Training Basics Movement Techniques PT1.flv Camouflage1944UsAirForceCartoon-TfI-3351.flv CamouflageForEvasion-UsAirForceTf-6187.flv CamouflageForTheRifle.flv Combat School Reinforced Rifle Platoon in the Attack of a Built-Up Area 1953 US Army Training.flv FUNDAMENTALS OF SMALL ARMS WEAPONS - PART III SEMIAUTOMATIC AND AUTOMATIC FIRE.flv FundamentalsOfBallistics-UsArmy-Tf-91512.flv How Small Arms Work - Training Movie.flv How the Russian RPG-7 Grenade Works.flv How to Shoot a Gun - U.S. Marine Corps Rifle Training - USMC Training AR15.flv RIFLE, 5.56MM M16E1 OPERATION AND CYCLE OF FUNCTIONING.flv TheSignalingMirror-WwiiUsGovernmentTrainingFilm.flv Troop Leading Procedures.flv United States Marine Grenade Launcher and Shotgun.flv Zeroing & Using A Scorebook - Rifle Marksmanship with the M1 Garand Rifle (1942) part 2.flv AR15 Zero_ Introduction.mp4 Camouflage-HowToFacePaint-Ripperkon.mp4 CamouflageSnowCapesForU.s.8thInfantryDivisionTroopsInWw2.mp4 How a Rifle Works - M1 Garand - Enhanced US Army Training.mp4 LivingOffTheLand-Usn.mp4 Preliminary Pistol Marksmanship Instruction.mp4 SMVM - Movement Formations - Fields Of Fire.mp4 Tactical Formations.mp4 Tactical Shooting Team Drill - Column Formation.mp4 Militia Training Films Collection - 32 Basic Instructional Videos 02FundamentalsOfRifleMarksmanshipPart1.flv 03FundamentalsOfRifleMarksmanshipPart2.flv 03RifleMarkmanshipTrainingAndSniperTrainingSurvivalTrainingPart1.flv 04IndividualMovementTechniquesFireTeamFormations.flv 05IntroductionToRifleSquad.flv 06ArmyTraining-HandSignals.flv 10Smvm-MovementFormationsFieldsOfFire.flv 11SquadMovementFormationsTechniques.flv 12BasicTrainingBasics-HowToConductASquadAttack.flv 12SquadAttack.flv 13TacticalShootingDrills.flv 14EstablishPatrolBase.flv 17FireteamWedge-FoomPart1.flv 18FireteamWedge-FoomPart2.flv 19ReactToContact.flv 20ReactToContactDrill.flv 21SasContactDrill.flv 22HowToBreakContact.flv 23ConsolidateReorganize.flv 24ArmyRoomClearingTechnique.flv 26UsmcSniperTrainingFilm.flv 27HowToMakeAGhillieCape.flv 28SniperMovementTechniques.flv 29Ak47FieldStripLesson.flv 30HowToFieldStripAndCleanYourAr15.flv 31BasicTrainingBasicsLearnToMechanicalZeroYourWeapon.flv 32BasicTrainingBasicsLearnHowToReadYourZeroTarget.flv 33HowToCorrectlyBuyFullAutoSuppressorsWithNfaTaxStamp.flv 01FundamentalsOfRifleMarksmanship1999UsMarineCorps.mp4 07ExtendedAndModifiedHandSignalsForMilitiaTraining.mp4 08TacticalHandSignals.mp4 09ShootAndMoveTactics.mp4 15BasicTrainingBasics-MovementTechniquesPart1.mp4 16BasicTrainingBasics-MovementTechniquesPart2.mp4 20ReactToIndirectFire.mp4 25TacticalShooting_RoomClearingDrill.mp4 Lexington Militia John Parker Lee.jpg Torrent downloaded from Torrent downloaded from - 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