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Bob Lazar and George Knapp Q+A IUFOC 2015

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    Bob Lazar and George Knapp Q+A IUFOC 2015

About: Bob Lazar is the owner of United Nuclear Scientific Equipment and Supplies. Lazar also claims to have worked as a scientist and engineer, reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S4, in the Emigrant Valley and Old Kelley Mine area, near the Area 51 test facility. He claimed to have passed several tests by U.S. military officials and was warned that should he reveal anything, his family would be executed (Lazar reportedly signed an agreement to this). Lazar stated the space probe on which he worked creates its own gravitational pull and can pull the fabric of space and time toward it. Both universities from which he claimed to hold degrees have no record of him, and he has never produced any credentials that prove he was employed by the U.S. government.

Lazar claimed to have worked in 1988 and 1989 as a physicist in S4 allegedly located at Papoose Lake southwest of top secret Area 51 near Groom Dry Lake, Nevada. According to Lazar, S4 serves as a hidden military location for the study and research of extraterrestrial spacecraft, or flying saucers using reverse engineering. Lazar claims he saw nine different extraterrestrial vehicles there and has provided detailed information on the mode of propulsion and other technical details of a disc-shaped vehicle he called the sport model. He also claims to have been working on the fuel, an element with an atomic number of 115 which allowed the space crafts to warp space and essentially pull the desired destination to the ship. This method of travel allegedly enabled alien travelers to cross vast distances with minimal three dimensional movement. Element 115 was first discovered in 2003.

Lazar first appeared in the media in an Omni magazine article in the early 1980s. He also appeared on television on a local Las Vegas news program discussing his experience at S4 and Area 51. He was also featured in the Los Alamos Monitor in a story dealing with a jet car he claimed to have built with help from a NASA researcher. The car was built from a jet engine modified and placed on an existing car model.[3] The article stated that Lazar was “a physicist at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility”

Web: United Nuclear

Talk Synopsis: Special Q & A Session

George Knapp will host a special Q & A session with Bob Lazar.

Date: Saturday, February 21, 2015
Time: 4:00 – 5:30 PM


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