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Bob Beck Protocol Blood Electro-Purifier Colloidal Silver

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Bob Beck Protocol Blood Electro-Purifier Colloidal Silver Blood Electrification - A Proven Protocol? Abstract, Summary Climaxing centuries of medical research, an “accidental” re-discovery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1990 resulted in a reliable, positive, reproducible and recently patented (U.S. #5,188,738) protocol to help deal with diseases including AIDS, cancer, gulf war syndrome, biological warfare plagues plus emerging viruses. Essentially it consists of passing micro-currents (50-100 μA) through flowing blood, which has the potential to eliminate infections and is proven to restore damaged immune systems. This appears to have been suppressed because electromedicine instead of pharmaceuticals drastically limits profits and re-empowers patients’ sovereignty over all diseases. Strangely, it was never again mentioned except in Science News, March 30, 1991, pg. 207. The only cost to try this research is the cost of parts to build your own instruments or to purchase them from a reliable source. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children receiving state-of-the-art medical care die traumatically and financially stressed every year with “incurable” diseases. But this breakthrough consisting of mild electrification of blood while still in the body is proving for some to be reliable, simple, rapid, highly effective and inexpensive. It requires no medicines, pharmaceuticals or outside intervention. It can be used privately and gives people back to themselves. It is vastly superior to antibiotics and other known treatments, since electrification when properly applied has no side effects. Lifestyle changes to improve health are, of course, important as well. Cancer treated by currently acceptable allopathic techniques (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) costs an average of $375,000 but patients seldom survive five years. With self-administered electrification, typical costs are under two hundred dollars. An optimally functioning immune system has long been known to eliminate cancer, yet cancer is generally treated as a separate disease. Electrification in the laboratory is secretly proven to work with a variety of diseases and no “antibiotic” or “charge-resistant” strains of infectious invaders or side effects are yet known to exist. But you may never see electrification mentioned in a politically correct or establishment-serving media. Results would be too fast, cheap, revolutionary and user-attainable. The adaptation of this laboratory research for use by individuals is now yours to try. The author has spent several years researching all aspects of electrification and can suggest do-it-yourself apparatus and simple techniques which have the potential to safely eliminate pathogens, bacteria, virus, parasites, fungus and germs which devastate health and are immune system destroyers. Many previously dying patients have come forward now completely well and symptom free. Anyone can do this for himself if his unconscious death- wish agendas or disbelief in new discoveries or blind faith in the medical establishment are overcome. If the user assembles his own system from scratch, everything should total about $50 minimum up to $450 maximum depending on which devices you make for this one-time investment. If working instruments are purchased from manufacturers, this cost could be more. Everyone using electrification should experience some health benefits immediately, even if not knowingly afflicted. All four synergistic and essential elements are fully described. They are: 1) Building or acquiring a functioning battery-powered blood electro-purifier that attaches externally to the Radial and Ulnar artery pulse points on one wrist. Suggested use is for a minimum of four to twelve weeks with daily electrification of two hours. 2) A very simple and inexpensive instrument for making any quantity of Ionic Silver Colloids for pennies ensuring help with the immune system. 3) A high–intensity magnetic pulser which destroys any residual germinating or incubating pathogens in lymph and other organs by inducing back-e.m.f. in tissue consequently preventing self re-infection. 4) An ozone generator easily made with tropical fish store components to charge drinking water with O3. Ozone comfortably detoxifies by oxidation any wastes which the body must eliminate to regain health. audio Dr Robert Beck Scalar Technology.mp3 Why the Beck Protocol Fails Sometimes.mp3 pictures Bioelectrification Electrode Placement.jpg Bob Beck Schematic Blood Electrifier 1.jpg Bob Beck Schematic Blood Electrifier 2.jpg Bob Beck Schematic Blood Electrifier 3.jpg Bob Beck Schematic Blood Electrifier 4.jpg Magnetic Pulse Generator.jpg text Beck Protocol Handbook - Take Back Your Power.pdf Beck Protocol Handbook.pdf Blood Purifier or Blood Electrification.pdf Bob Beck - Man of the 20th Century.pdf Bob Beck Paper.pdf Build Beck Pulser.pdf Building an Emergency HRC Type Zapper.pdf Electricity for Health Booklet.pdf Energy Field to Challenge Viruses.pdf Guide to Using the Beck Protocol.pdf Homemade Bob Beck Machine.pdf How to Build a Magnetic Pulse generator.pdf How to Construct a Bob Beck Blood Electrifier Circuit on a Breadboard.pdf How to Use Pulsed Kilogauss Magnetic Fields (Magnetic Pulser).pdf Microcurrent Therapy.pdf OMNI Magazine - Black Box Article.pdf Original Bob Beck Design.pdf Project Medical Dr Bob Beck Blood Electrifier.pdf Single 9V DC Beck Blood Cleaner Dr Bob Beck.pdf Take Back Your Power - Bob Beck.pdf Take Back Your Power - Video Support Materials.pdf Take Back Your Power.pdf US5185086 Kaali Patent.pdf US5188738 Kaali Patent.pdf videos Bob Beck at Granada Forum, 1997.mp4 Bob Beck at Ventura College, 1996.mp4 Bob Beck Blood Electrification Workshop.mp4 Bob Beck Protocol Clears Hepatitis B and Symptoms of AIDS.mp4 Bob Beck Protocol Effects on Blood.mp4 Dr Bob Beck video - Lecture on Curing Cancer and HIV with Microcurrents.mp4 Health Technologies (Step 1 of 4) - Colloidal Silver.mp4 Health Technologies (Step 2 of 4) - Blood Electrifier.mp4 Health Technologies (Step 3 of 4) - MPG Unit.mp4 Health Technologies (Step 4 of 4) - Ozonated Water.mp4 How to Build a Bob Beck Blood Electrifier.mp4 How to Construct a Blood Electrifier Circuit Following Dr Beck.mp4 Poor Man's Colloidal Silver.mp4 Simulated Electronic Function of Dr Beck's Blood Electrification Circuit.mp4 The Beck Protocol for Cancer and Other Diseases.mp4 The Bob Beck Protocol - An Introduction.mp4 tags: healing, blood, ozone, silver, pulser, antibiotic, antiviral, magnetic, zapper
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