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Billion Dollar Bully (2019)

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Today, consumers Yelp everything from restaurants to dentists, from plumbers to surgeons. The same businesses who receive reviews – good or bad – simultaneously receive phone calls from Yelp salespeople to pay to advertise on, and thereby fund, Yelp. The small business community sees Yelp’s sales tactics as extortion.

Does Yelp genuinely have an interest in helping people support the best local businesses, or is Yelp a pay-to-play platform? How can Yelp do an honest job of representing consumer sentiment while at the same time fueling their business with advertising dollars from the same companies being reviewed on their site? As a company that claims to care about free speech, what responsibility does Yelp have to provide recourse for business owners who need to address malicious libel from competitors and others who malign them for personal reasons? These questions are investigated and answered in the new documentary Billion Dollar Bully.