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Bill Schnoebelen Interview with an Ex-Vampire 9 hrs + occult ebooks

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Bill Schnoebelen Interview with an Ex-Vampire 9 hrs + occult ebooks Interview with an Ex-Vampire A True Story Forbidden Knowledge, Occult Rituals, Secret Priesthoods, Spells, Luciferian Initiation, Illuminism, Ceremonial Magick, Vampirism. This was Bill Schnoebelen's world: Adept, Occultist, Satanic Priest, Black Magician and Vampire. He was lured into the occult with the quest for knowledge, this nine hour video chronicles the life of an adept in service to the darkest powers imaginable until saved from a horrible fate. Also covering: the Illuminati, Satanism, Mormonism, Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Freemasonry, plus more that will blow your SOCKS off, and keep you to the edge of your seat. If you have family connections to any of these groups, or are being affected by black magick, then this DVD series is a must-have! Containing secret, first-hand information that has never before been revealed to the public. Warning: This feature contains some descriptions of sexuality, and violence and is not suitable for younger viewers. This is absolutely a true story. Produced and directed by Michael Relfe, interview by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. Jeremiah 10:1-3: Hear ye the word which the LORD speaketh unto you, O house of Israel: Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are vain... ebooks A Bardon Companion - Expanded Second Edit - Rawn Clark.pdf A manual of cartomancy, fortune-telling an - Grand Orient, pseud.pdf A Manual of Sex Magick - Culling, Louis T.pdf Basic Sigil Magic - Phillip Cooper.pdf Beginning Luciferian Magick.pdf Clairvoyance and Occult Powers - William Walker Atkinson.pdf Communing with Spirits, Magical Necromancy.pdf Conquest of Mind by Swami Sivananda.pdf Cunningham Scott - Encyclopedia of Crystal.pdf Elemental Egregore - seth.pdf Frabato the Magician - Franz Bardon.pdf Franz Bardon - Book 1 - Initiation into Hermetics.pdf Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt.pdf H L Haywood - Symbolical Masonry.pdf Herbal Magick - Judith Hawkins-Tillirson, Nancy Wasserm.pdf How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities.pdf Kamaratna Tantra - Pt. Hemchandra Goswami Tatvabhushan.pdf Magic in the Middle Ages - Richard Kieckhefer.pdf Marriage with Elementals.pdf Michael W Ford - Maskim Hul Babylonian Magick.pdf Modern Sex Magick Secrets of Erotic Spirits.pdf P B Randolph - Sexual Magic.pdf Patrick Heron - The Return of the Antichrist.pdf Practical Egyptian Magic - Murry Hope.pdf Practice of Magical Evocation - Franz Bardon.pdf Practice of Magical Evocation, 2001 Merkur.pdf Protection Reversal Magick.pdf Regardie Israel - Foundations.pdf Sakti and Sakta - Sir john Woodroffe.pdf Secrets of Western Sex Magic - Randolph Carter.pdf Seven Hermetic Letters.pdf Seven-Seals Magie Planetaire - Francois LEPINE.pdf Sex and Sex Worship - O. A. Wall.pdf Six-Month Spiritual Warfare Training Program for Spiritual Satanists.pdf Sphuta Nirnaya Tantra.pdf Strange Powers - Colin Wilson.pdf Tantra Magic.pdf Tantra Sangraha of Nilakantha.pdf Tantra Unveiled.pdf The 231 Gates of Initiation.pdf The Book of Sigils - R Talsorian Games.pdf The Book of Solomon's Magick - Carroll Poke Runyon.pdf The Key to the True Quabbalah.pdf The Magic Wand.pdf The Opening of the Third Eye - Douglas Baker.pdf The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt.pdf The Universal Master Key - Franz Bardon.pdf Ultra-Psychonics - Walter Delaney.pdf Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Sanskrit-English.pdf Visual Magick.pdf Wicca Spellcraft for Men - A J Drew.pdf videos Bill Schnoebelen - Interview with an Ex-Vampire 1 of 9 (360p).mp4 Bill Schnoebelen - Interview with an Ex-Vampire 2 of 9 (360p).mp4 Bill Schnoebelen - Interview with an Ex-Vampire 3 of 9 (360p).mp4 Bill Schnoebelen - Interview with an Ex-Vampire 4 of 9 (360p).mp4 Bill Schnoebelen - Interview with an Ex-Vampire 5 of 9 (360p).mp4 Bill Schnoebelen - Interview with an Ex-Vampire 6 of 9 (360p).mp4 Bill Schnoebelen - Interview with an Ex-Vampire 7 of 9 (360p).mp4 Bill Schnoebelen - Interview with an Ex-Vampire 8 of 9 (360p).mp4 Bill Schnoebelen - Interview with an Ex-Vampire 9 of 9 (360p).mp4 tags: vampire, magic, magick, occult, wicca, witchcraft, pagan, esoteric, satanism
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The book collection looks interesting but I have my suspicions about Bill S. especially his irritating need to say parise the Lord after every other statement, so I'll look at the books but watch the films with a tongue firmly planted in my cheek.
Perhaps Bill S. and Corey Goode should meet up and trade yarns together?

Ol' Bill is full of it really.. but it is amusing to watch him talk utter bollocks.
It's also been amusing seeing him grow and grow and grow his beard...obviously the bigger the beard the more pious the man!

The only consistent element in his teachings is the beard. The rest just sounds like the scatalogical meanderings of a really unfocussed mind?
I have tried to watch his lectures and he plays the same trick everytime. He says he will reveal deep and dark secrets to keep you watching, but when he finally reveals the secrets I know them already anyway. perhaps he's related to P.T Barnum?

but he was in a Freemasonry exposed thing and gave examples of the ritual.
however none of the bits with the secrets were included, just the storyline bits.
As fort his "got up to the 97th degree". LOL
No "Regular" Grand lodge anywhere recognises the Rights of Memphis/Misraim. they were partly concocted by one Giuseppe Balsalmo , better known as count Cagliostro.. world class con man and bullshitter who patented his rituals and sold the rights to use them.
They are regarded as "spurious rites" as far as Regular masonry goes.
This is not insider masonic knowledge.. it's from reading up on the subject, checking with grand lodge websites and general google and book fu!
But yeah.. he seems to pretty much try and tag himself as being part of every kind of group from blue lodge, to Scottish rite,York rite, those bullshit rites, satanist,vampire(LOL), mormon,jehovas witness, free Presbyterian, locked up Presbyterian, probably abducted by aliens and most certainly anally probed(he did enjoy that bit!)
he's just not credible.. he's in it to sell books, subscriptions, lecture tours and get in on the convention circuit..
same formula as Alex Jones.. SCARE SCARE SCARE... now you have been scared... BUY MY SHIT NOW TO SAVE YOURSELF!!!! :P