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The Biggest Conspiracy (2010)

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I uploaded my 2nd film again for new useers and because my video was mentioned in the book Conspiracy Cinema: Propaganda, Politics and Paranoia

So I thought it would be a good I idea to upload it on this site and other torrent sites because I never named it the Biggest Conspiracy on the other torrent sites. Now people will be able to find my video if they search for it.

This documentary is about satanism in music. Over 300 clips used. Close to 100 artists are covered. I used a lot of music videos and many clips from different sources. Many artists are covered. Too many to list. A few are Led zep, Tupac, Eminem, black Sabbath, rihanna, Jay Z, Bob Dylan, and many more!

The last part in the film is 9/11, flouride and vaccinations. Then ending is about the police state, FEMA camps, and the Iraq war. The last 40 mins covers this and is good enough to watch alone, if you don't like the music part, it is still worth downloading

No Narration. The story is told through 300 clips.

Here's a youtube link for the first 9 mins